Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April's theme and partners!

April ornament: Songbird ....a small bird that lives in the forest or meadow.

(Not water fowl or raptor...) Think of Cinderella's little bird friends that made her ball gown!

April challenge: embroidery or some other type of embellishment

April activity:

Hang a bag of bird nesting materials in a tree near a water or food source.
Be sure to include brightly colored bits of yarn and other sparkly things to attract their attention!
Some good materials are dryer lint, bits of hay and raffia, ribbon, grasses, feathers, and fabric selvages in small pieces.
I use an old onion or tomato bag and just weave a piece of yarn through the top to close it.

Extra activity: For those who created a Fairy House, this is the perfect time to plant
seeds around your fairy house to create a fairy garden.

"Raindrops are like fairy whispers."
April's Partners:

Val and Kim
Sandy and Anna
Ramie and Gin
Melinda and Jenny
Kerry and Robin
Jeanne and Sherry
Courtney and Missy
Nikki and Natalie

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wanna see...

Well what an absolute delight it was getting my March YOE parcel from Kerry - I can't tell you & Kerry how much I adore everything!  I feel so special & yes incredibly spoilt!  Everything was so beautifully packaged, I'm amazed at the amount of time & effort you put into this package Kerry! xxx

Here is my mushroom ornament (sorry about the pic - wrong time of day to take photos)

Some mushroom pins (and in an adorable pin keeper too!)  Kerry, are these a clay or femo?

Notelet scrolls, that Kerry made & I had been eyeing off on here blog! She is one clever chickee!

And to top it off my very own YOE Memories book - Kerry you have done so much work on this book, the amount of time & money that must have gone into this is incredible!  I have never had anyone made me something so truly beautiful and special - thank you so much!

The March page, Kerry popped in a photo of what she sent me! Special & lucky me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mushroom love

As I was browsing blogs and Flickr tonight I came across a couple fun mushroom items...

Gnome Sweet Gnome by Lucky Nielson.

I couldn't copy the next picture probably because it is for sale through their Etsy shop:

The second one is a nice way to add a bit of mushroom decoration to your house.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lookie lookie!!!

I got a great package from Jenny!! Check it out:

Everything was wrapped so pretty in pattern paper, but I tore thru it opening things before I even thought about taking pictures.  I am a little embarrassed that I never thought to wrap up my packages, but I plan on in the future.  It really makes it more special.  The mushroom is so neat - looks like it's base is a nut (is that right Jenny?).. and OMG the bottle of buttons is great.. this is the second package to include a neat bottle of buttons - I think I will keep them as decor!! The bunny figurine is so cute and will go great with my Easter decorations I am putting up in my house.  She even included a cute little bookmark that I will put to good use and some cute little stickers I will have to fight my daughter for :-)  I hope you like the package I sent you as much as I have enjoyed the one you sent!! Thanks for yet another awesome swap for the month!!

March Mushrooms & More...

I got my package yesterday from Sherry. Look what fun was in store for me!!!
OOH! Some pretty blue tissue paper wrapping all these:
I got two felt mushrooms, eight paper mushrooms, mushroom tags, a momma chicken and chick cleverly hiding an Easter egg and two energy bars!! Woo hoo!!
Here's a closeup of her felt and paper mushrooms...aren't they cute!! I love them!! And the crafty paper ones are awesome too!! I should scrapbook all my ornament pics...what I sent, what I recieved. Hey Val, maybe next year we could continue on with a scrapbook-a-long of all our ornie pics. :) And here's a closeup of the one I made for Sherry out of copper wire, faceted glass opal beads and teal seed beads.Thank you Sherry!! It was such a fun package, I love it all!! My toddler just LOVES the chicken with her egg too! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I arrived home to 2 boxes sitting on my front porch.........My first thought was "how sweet of one of the sets of grandparents to send each of the kids their own box of Easter goodies:-)" but then I took a closer look and they were both for me!!!!
My swap packages form Kim had arrived (hope you're feeling much better Kim). I opened up a treasure trove of goodies...........To be honest I was overwhelmed, so I'm going to let the photos do the talking!!!
Kim - Thank you doesn't seem enough, I loved all of the goodies. The 2 fairies are beautiful, absolute works of art. I am thrilled that I now have such gorgeous boxes to keep my ornaments from this swap in - they will all become my treasured possesions, each with their own story....... I love that:-)
So here we go............enjoy!!!

The gorgeous storage boxes - don't you just love the letter tiles that say "Year of Enchantment Swap" on them.
Beautiful......The lady fairy has little babies in her cacoon:-)

I have big embroidery plans for those fabric gingerbread men.
There are crystals, a pin, a fabric bird ornament and some flower hair ponies too
Some buttons, scrapbook goodies and lovely little cards
See I wasn't kidding when I told you I was a spoilt brat!!! And it's not over yet.........

Look at that yummy goodness!!!

Some fun craft goodies
And then as though that wasn't enough...........drum roll please.....

This, I love it!!!!
Kim your kindness, generosity and talent has blown me away - Thank you so much again:-)
Can't wait to see what's coming our way for patience isn't one of my strengths:-)
Have a magical evening my enchanted friends!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Unique Toadstool

I received a wonderful March swap package from Rami the other day. It was all wrapped up so pretty and Christmasy.

Here is what was inside

I love the toadstool! It is cooper with beading on it. I thought it was so unique and so pretty! I love copper and for my second toadstool in my new collection I think this one is perfect. My first toadstool was one I won from one of our wonderful hostess, Val's giveaways. I think I am going to be addicted now!

Ramie also sent me the cutest little Easter candles, a postcard, yummy chocolates and some of the most wonderful vintage sewing supplies. I definitely feel spoiled! Thank you so much Ramie for such a wonderful swap package!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Mushrooms!

Look at the cute mushrooms Anna sent me!

I already put them on my "YOE" tree!

Here are some cute goodies she sent along...some vintage cards with buttons, thread, some rick old paint kit. Even her note was on the back of the cute card on the left!

See that baby bottle attached to the dolphin card?

It is FULL of Siberian Iris seeds!

I am thrilled with the seeds because I love to garden...afterall, aren't gardens enchanting!

What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you Anna!

March Doorprize Winner....

The WINNER of the March Door prize is ROBIN!!!


Please send me an email ( with your snail mail addy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My dog ate my work

I made this toadstool to send to my partner.
  but she's not getting it now. My dog got it and ate the dragon fly bug off while I was getting things together to package it up last night. I could have salvaged everything but the bug. But, it just wouldn't be the same with out the bug. And I had no more bugs.

So on to plan B. I made another toadstool (last night) with an entirely different approach. It's a fancy smancy toadstool!

And it's all boxed up and ready for the mail.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Paddys Day.....

I hope this counts as a St Paddys Day contribution:-)
We were away camping for it, so I didn't decorate this year.
I was asked however to make a birthday cake (cupcakes) for a friends daughters birthday party, which just so happened to be on the 17th.
Here's the cake.....leprechaun, pot of gold and rainbow!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Got your green on?

I used Val's link for the shamrock garland pattern to make my St. Paddy's Day decoration. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mushrooms, Clovers and Chickens, Oh My!

Packages in my mailbox two days in a row! Yep, I call that spoiled!
Yesterday, a package arrived from Valerie, our fearless host of this fabulous swap! Just look at the goodies that were inside!

Is this not the cutest bouquet of mushrooms you ever saw?

And just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, this fabulous crocheted clover chain! Do you see what my chickens are wearing? Real, live Mardi Gras beads!

"Woohoo! Show us your beaks?"

Knowing my obsession with chickens, Valerie made this adorable chicken ornament. I am going to have the cutest dang Christmas tree in North Carolina by the time this swap ends!

Wasnna see my mushroom bouquet again?

Who knew a fungi bouquet could make me smile so much?

This beautiful doily is destined for a spot underneath one of my many chicken collectibles!

This bookmark cracked me up! In case your eyes are as bad as mine, it says...

"There are bold mushroom hunters

And there are old mushroom hunters....

But there are no bold, old mushroom hunters..."

One more look at these cuties! Thanks so much Valerie! This is so much fun!

Wee cottages

Here are my toadstool/mushroom houses!

I really enjoyed making them...even though my embroidery is suckish.....LOL!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Giveaway

I'm having a SPRING FLING Giveaway on my blog!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thank You Niki!

A box was in my mailbox this morning...actually, it was there yesterday afternoon, but I seemed to be surgically attached to the couch!

It was surely worth the walk to the end of the driveway!

This cute fairy ornament was in there with lots of feathers and glitter! Love her!

And so she wouldn't get lonely, this second heart ornament was there, too. So pretty!

Look what else Niki made! This opens up to slots for cards and money. I think I'll be switching my stuff over so I won't have to haul my 40 pound pocket book just so I have my 8 pound wallet!

And this is a Mary Englebright card that is filled with...

A girl can never have too many needles!

And this cute book will have to be hidden from the male species in the house.
I may have to road-trip to Texas just to visit this quilt shop!

Open it up and see what's inside! Thanks Niki! You rock!

A fortune cookie and chopsticks were inside...what a neat idea!
And BONUS...a good fortune!

And look what all of these goodies were tucked into...

This funky, fun Christmas bag!

Thanks so much Niki! I actually enjoy going to the mailbox now!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fairy Goodness from Jenny!

OH MY!! Look at all this Fairy Goodness that my Swap Partner, Jenny sent me!!
She sent me some wonderful goodies that I can use in the making of my Fairy Doors, a set of lovely vintage napkins, a gorgeous leaf magnet made from a vintage brooch and so many other great goodies!
But the sweet little Fairy (who was hiding in the little blue pouch) was the BEST surprise of all! 

She's not quite two inches tall and is made from buttons and small beads. Isn't she just adorable??? She's just so teeny-tiny!