Tuesday, November 29, 2011

icicle trees....

My tree package from Susan came yesterday.....the tea light burner and ornaments are so unique and the candy is gone!!!! Thank you Susan!

I know Susan already posted about the swap I sent her but I wanted to share the apron I made her because you can't see it in her photo....I know you apron lovin' ladies will be jealous...

Peppermint Pixies, here I come!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Think That I Will Never See a tThing As Lovely As A Tree

This is the Tree Swap Package from Val.  I love it.  F A B U L O U S  is all I can say.  The Apron, Marvelous I must say, Marvelous.  Thank You Val.

Thank You Missy!

This is the package Missy sent to me for the November YOE swap. Look at these delicious colors! Below are the tree ornaments and another picture of the wonderful goodies Missy sent.

And last but not least my favorite item . . . a zentangle pen box tangled by Missy herself. I just LOVE it!!!!!!! Thank you so much Missy for such an amazing gift! It's a work of art. I can't tell you how much I adore it!

December's theme!!!!!!!!!

Each year I am drawn to peppermint candy canes like a moth to the flame.
There is something magical about a simple candy that can evoke such fond memories of childhood.

December's ornament: Using mainly red and white, create a "Peppermint Pixie!"

December's challenge: ship it out ASAP!

December's activity:
make candy cane syrup this year!
Here is a link to the recipe I found at storybook woods.
Isn't it pretty!

Candy Cane syrrrrup

"All you need is
faith and trust and pixie dust!" --Peter Pan

My Package Came!

Jill Tracy sent me a BEAUTIFUL package. The pics don't do it justice!! A gorgeous metal tree, it even has a little sign in it and a birds nest! So also sent the cutest mug cozy!!! It is an owl sitting in a tree! She sent another little tree, a tiny glass bird and a note pad. Merry Christmas to me!
Thank you again, I LOVE it!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Swan Package

I got my Fabulous Swan Package from Missy. The Great thing is we live in the same zip code and I got to meet her. She is a DOLL and so very talented.
I love my Swan Swap gifts. when I opened the box it was so whimsical like looking into a Fairy Tale. I was completely mesmerized. Thank You Missy B.

Swan Arrival...

Susan sent me a beautiful swan package! I LOVE it!!! I can't wait to put the swan on my Christmas Tree!!! In adore the swan planter, it is perfect for me and my little green thumb. Everything came inside a beautiful little box tied with ribbon. The vintage hankie and the vintage coasters are going into my vintage camper... love it! It was like Christmas morning. Thank you soooo much Susan and it was so nice to meet you in person!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


*** I know my partner Doris is having a hard time with her sick "doggie baby" Gizzy. Please stop by her blog and check on her. 

My USPS confirmation says my partner  has received her package, so I wanted to share the swans I sent her before we get into the tree postings. My idea was to use a fall seasonal item for a swan. I thought gourds looked like a swan with the long crooked neck.  So I painted one up and adhesived some feathers to it for its wings. I was amazed myself how cute it looked.

Also, I made her a "flying stuffed softie swan" with adhesived feathers and beaded feet. 
I hope they made it safely with no loose feathers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank you Jill and more!!

I don't know if you guys are aware but Jill is super awesome at clay work AND zentangles.. check out my swan package!!!

Jill was very generous as well!! She sent me some stamps, pretty ribbon, and even a cool knit washcloth!! I dont knit (but i do crochet) so it was cool to see it done a different way and will be used ASAP!!

Also here are closer views of the really cool ornaments:

Thanks for a super wonderful swap! I am not swapping in Nov and Dec this year b/c I have a two week vacation and a million and one things to make for my family for Christmas.. so I want to get a little bit of a jump rather than scrambling to get those and my swap packages out.  This has been another lovely year with YOE (my second) and I whole- heartedly look forward to a third!!  Thank you to all my partners - you have all send such wonderful things to me !! And a big hug and thanks to Val for keeping this going and making it a positive experience all the way around.. See yall at the first of the year may you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!!!!!!!!!!!