Thursday, July 23, 2015


Kerry sent me the BESTEST birthday gift EVER! 
This sweet birthday surprise came in the mail today!  This is hubby....wifey was sent to me in the spring!

Here they are, reunited!  "reunited and it feels so goooood..."  Sing it with me, zombie style!

check the cute notepad she made...even the pen! and the letters are handmade too!

Kerry, you made my day, sweetie and I thank you SO MUCH!

Yay for Independance Crafting!

 Independence or in other words, doing something you've wanted to do, was a great theme for me as I have so many projects I want to do or plan to complete someday. Since it's summer I tried to take advantage of my time off and create this month. There are more details on my regular blog, which has been sitting unused, empty and lonely for the last few months. I'll try to be better about posting both here and there on a more regular basis.

This is a scarf made from neckties, inspired by a scarf that had been created by a Boston based designer. You can see her amazing work here. Creating necktie scarves was harder than I thought it would be so this sat unfinished for two years. I finished/refinished two this month.

I also created a little pillow using scraps and a little stitchery that I had finished a couple of years ago. Another unfinished project done.  :)

I created a new reversible bag using fabric from my stash. I have a bunch more cut and ready to sew.

Lastly, I made a carbage bag to harness all of the trash and wrappers that accumulate in a mom's car. It's been fun crafting, creating and completing unfinished projects!  Yay for the independance theme!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Craft Along: Christmas in July

For July's Independent Craft Along I went with Christmas in July. I don't work during the summer so July is my time to work on Christmas.
  My first project was making our yearly tree topper. I found this wool felt kit on etsy from the Cheswick Company. I changed things up a little bit and was able to make two with some extra felt I had.

  My second project was a quick ornament I made using a tiny candy box and a wooden snowman. When you hang the ornament in front of a christmas light the window with Santa will glow.

 My third project was my yearly Christmas cards.These are not quite done, I can't decide what to use as the border. They are made using old coffee cup lids. It was Ms. L idea to write xmas on the last line, it's quirky but that's the way we roll.

  My last project was finishing my vintage ornament wreath that I've been working on since last summer. I found a couple of good estate sales where I was able to acquire a large amount of bulbs. The burnt finger were worth it. It turned out much better than I anticipated. 

Chris =]

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Veggie Tales ......

My "Something Independence" is a little different this month ......
I love a pretty garden, and I love growing veggies ...... however, I don't have a green thumb, although I have got a little better over the years :-)
On one of my many wonders through Pinterest, I noticed a few pins, on growing green onions from the bulbs you buy in the grocery store. A friend of mine, also showed me her sweet potato vine, that she'd grown from a sweet potato ..... I decided to read up a little more, and then give them both a try.

 Little chopped green onion stubs, placed in a pot of soil (about 2 weeks ago).

My sweet potato balancing in a little pot of water (about 3 weeks ago).

Well .... Surprise, surprise ..... and an exciting one too ......
Yesterday, I snipped some of my green onion to have in my grilled cheese sandwich at lunchtime .....
I swear it tastes better, because it came from my garden :-)

And this morning, Mr sweet potato got a permanent home ....

 I'm amazed at how well this worked .... it has tons of little white roots at the bottom of the potato.

In it's new home ..... I love the look of sweet potato vines, as a garden plant.
I have done some more reading up on them, and I'm going to propagate vines to plant in the Spring, so that we can hopefully grow a sweet potato harvest next year.
This has given me the courage to try and grow garlic this winter too. I've researched it ..... I've marked the date on my calendar that I'll need to plant my cloves (October 15th for this area !!!) ... and hopefully, fingers crossed, I wont need to buy garlic next year :-)

I do have a more craft related project planned too, for this month ...... if I can get to it before the month is over !!!! Summer is flying by at warp speed, and while I hate the heat we endure here in Texas, I love having my kiddos home .... Summer, you need to slow down a little !!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

July's challenge: check and check and check!

For July, we could do whatever we wanted!  I had a different idea in mind but when I saw how much fabric I had in my stash, I decided to use some up!

With that in mind, I set out to make some aprons.....

Two martini aprons, one to keep and one to share:

Two canning aprons, sent to a dear friend and her mom:

and one flirty apron....maybe I'll keep this one too...not sure yet!

Happy crafting everyone!   

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July's Theme!

So, WHAT in the world could THIS month's theme be?


After all, I'm sure there is a project YOU have been wanting to work on.  Maybe a WIP?

Image result for independence day pin up

That works for me!  Just pick something you've been wanting to do and DO IT!

Then post it here.  I'm collecting goodies for the giveaway.....

Have a great July 4th everyone!!!