Thursday, October 14, 2021

My mini(zombie)-me!

     My apologies for taking forever to post. Valerie was aware that I have been having some health issues and have just been taking life one day at a time. I have been catching up, but then I turn around and several days have gone by.

     I was absolutely tickled by this little lady! Never having met me in person or even having seen a picture of me, Val absolutely nailed it in creating an accurate representation of me in the morning (right down to my jowls -- thanks Grandma 😁). What were the chances?
     I love the new mug! I like watching it as it fills up under the coffee maker and that spooky image is revealed.
     So many lovely handmade goodies. I am always impressed by the many talents that Valerie has. And I got a kick how we both headed to Bath & Body Works for their scrumptious fun fall scents (not pictured -- promptly put in use).
     Thank you Valerie for organizing another great swap! It is definitely the highlight of the transition from summer to Spooky Season for me.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Thank you to Iara!!!

 Oh my gosh!!!  I am totally in love with my swap package!

I got a "Miss Blueberry Lemon Drop" doll!  She is so stinking cute, check the HAT and her little cocktail!!!!

And look at all the goodies!  I feel like I got seriously spoiled.....even the card and tags are handmade.  Of course, the cocktail tea towels are seriously the BEST!  And that bat thing on the top left of the chair?  I've never seen or HEARD of one.  It is so cool!  Its called a Pioneer Pocket.  I'm going to use it all month long at school to hold my cell phone!


Everything is AWESOME, thank you again Iara!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

**editing post to include this video - this tuck in - seriously - the coolest!

Thank you, Debbie for an AMAZING creepy and BEAUTIFUL ZOMBIE!!

This year's theme - MAD MEN - with the focus on cocktails and a 50 /60's vibe!  Create a zombie and some "tuck in's" with a vintage cocktail vibe -- my swap partner created  TRUE ZOMBIE ART!!


This FACE!!! I cannot get over the detail!

She is beautifully articulated - the clothing is SPOT ON! I can literally put her in any pose!!

Those flair leg lace pants and voluminous sleeves - yes!

Love me some CROWN! and love the detail on this custom bottle!

The clothing!  SO GOOD!!

Tuck in's??

I could not be more excited about this addition to my Zombie collection!

October / 2021

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Thank You Clare

 Clare sent me a package full of zombie goodness. 

She included a towel which I teen snapped up, a Halloween spoon which I took to school for making playdough with my kids, skulls, Cocktail flavored Jelly Bellys which my family devoured, Jack-o-lantern napkins, a Prim skull and the cutest beaded spider that I totally want to copy and make to hang on our Halloween tree. 

Look how cute this little beaded spider is hanging from our small Halloween tree. I'm in love! I think he needs more friends, a whole clutter of spiders to be with him on the spooky tree.

And now the Zombie. . . . Clare made the sweetest little mojito zombie. She has a lime wedge and mint leaves on her belly, with a lime wedge, mint leaves and a straw on her head. She is the cutest little zombie ever!!!! Clare really nailed this theme, I love this little sweetie. She even has polka dots that Clare painted on, I love polka dots! This little mojito's name  is Mirana. Clare even included a poem for her. I'm so thrilled with her and the whole package! Thank you Clare! Mirana will be set up with my other zombies this weekend.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Thank you Jeanne!!

 I am in love with my little zombie doll! She is enjoying life relaxing in her Martini glass! So cute! I also have the best tuck-ins too! A beautiful spider web egg, a wine glass perfect for Halloween, some awesome Martini glass picks, some fun napkins and tea towels,, and best of all... two Martini recipes that I am dying to try!! Thanks again Jeanne!! I love everything about this swap!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Bloody Mary . . .

What a doll Bloody Mary is! . . . with all her wonderful tuck-ins!
Thank you Jill for such a wonderful zombie package.  I always 
get excited when I see the package has been delivered.  
I love this little Bloody Mary . . . and all her zombie details
Be sure to read her poem below.

I have to post a few pictures . . . because I love all her details.
Skeleton buttons . . . 
Bloody Mary has a big heart . . . 
 . . . and bones sticking out all over the place. 

Oh . . . and this bun!
Bloody Mary is amazing!
Her she is with all of her zombie buddies.
I am now officially motivated to get out my Halloween stuff
and start decorating.
Thank you Val for hosting this swap.  I look forward to it every year!
And thank you again Jill for such a great zombie package!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Yarnigras! Annual Handmade Ornament swap!


(image from the internet)

I have wanted to do a candy themed ornament swap for AGES.  Well, this is the year!

The theme is  "Santa's Sweet Shop" and when I say sweets, I mean, any and all!  Traditional Christmas candy not your thing?  No worries, make some faux cotton candy in pink or blue!  Make muffins or cupcakes or ice cream or root beer floats or popcorn balls....the sky is the limit!  All colors are accepted.  The best part is that these sweets won't give you cavities!

The info:

Once again, We are doing a "5 for 5"  swap.

What this means is that you will be sending me 5 handmade ornaments and receiving a variety of 5 ornaments back. You may use ANY MEDIUM you want to create these little pieces of art!

You do not have to have a blog to join.  
There is no deadline to sign up.  That being said, I am allowing no more than 20 participants this year so if you know you want to join, do it now.  I reserve the right to close the swap at any time.

To sign up, send me an email at valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with your name so I can put it on the sidebar.  I will send you instructions when I get your sign up email.

This will be a USA only swap due to shipping.

Please create something you would love to receive and be sure to package your ornaments in a nice, 
re-usable box so I can mail your new ornaments back to you in it.   Be sure to include a self addressed return label for me.
Try to keep your ornaments light in weight and please take care when wrapping to make sure they are cushioned, etc.  We want all our ornaments to arrive in pristine condition!  

All ornaments must be either in a clear treat bag or some other "holiday" type wrap with a tag from you.   It doesn't have to be fancy, but do take some time to do a good job, no throwing all the ornaments in a box with no gift tags , wrapping or tissue.  Remember, these ornaments represent hard work and all participants want to OPEN them as they would a Christmas gift.  

If ANY of your ornaments reach me broken, they will be returned to you.  That being said, if 2 break, you will get 2 of your own back along with 3 different ones for a total of 5.

*New Rule:  Many of us have become dear friends and I even have family members joining now too.  Please understand that in shuffling these ornaments around, your friend or family member may get an ornament you planned on giving them privately.   I ended up giving away my own ornaments from the swap to make sure everyone received a unique assortment.   I am no longer doing this.
May I suggest you either send in extra ornaments to keep this from happening or refrain from giving the ornaments privately until AFTER everyone receives their box.  (Some of you already do that, thank you!)

Shipping:  $10.00 is sufficient to cover the cost of sending ornaments back to you unless they are oversized or heavy.  In that case, please send in a little extra.  Again, please include a return address label already filled out.  

Ship in time for me to receive them by mid later than Thanksgiving.  That way, I can get them in time to mail them out by the first week of December.  Sadly, I can't guarantee you getting an exchange box if your ornaments do not reach me in time.  (If that happens, I'll gladly return your own ornaments to you using the money you sent for shipping.)  
Shipping funds are important!  If you forget to include shipping, your ornaments can't be sent/returned until you have sent me the funds to send/return them to you.

If you finish your ornaments early, feel free to send them to me early so I can start organizing them.  The earlier the better!

If time gets away from you and you need to back out, no big deal, just drop me an email and I'll remove you from the list.