Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ready for 2015!

With 2014 wrapping up, I am already looking forward to 2015.

I've put a poll up on the sidebar.  People interested in playing along can vote on what they'd like to see for 2015.  Voting closes the first of January and I'll announce what we will do immediately after....or as soon as my head clears from the night's festivities!

I will be hosting my regular zombie doll swap along with the annual 5 for 5 ornament swap, a Hootie Drop and a couple other fun things!

This particular poll is for a MONTHLY swap or craft along.  If you have an idea for a swap, email me or put it in the comments.  (Thank you Karen...for the idea of a Bring the Bling swap!)
In the past, my apron swaps were popular.....anyone want to do another one?

During each month, I'll be hosting a giveaway open to participants who posted their creations that month.

I have had a suggestion to bring back Year of Enchantment!   It was successful for 3 years....maybe it is time for a return?

Here is a little more info on what you are voting on:

*You can look YOE here
*The craft along will be something I announce each month.  I'd suggest a theme and idea.  
*Craft book along would be where we all pick a book we own and choose something to make.  I would start with a theme/medium idea.
*The Putz Along would be where I announce which type of Putz house we are to make and then see what everyone does. 
*The craft/sew along would be where we take a theme I announce and we all make something to within that theme, using whatever we want.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Shhhhh......sneak peek

Pop by my blog on December 24th and leave a comment....I'll put your name in a drawing for this cutie!


LOVE LOVE LOVE all the ornaments! Each one is so beautiful. Thank you to everyone who sent one. I will send each one love as I hang them on my tree today!!!
So happy I could play again this year.
Little Messy Missy

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Here dey come......

The ornaments are trickling in and they are AMAZING!!!!!  I cannot wait to see what everyone made!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zombies.... Zombies .... Everywhere .....

How exciting it would be, to see how you talented group of zombie queens have displayed your zombie horde for Halloween.
So, I thought I'd get the ball rolling ....
I LOVE Val's Zombie Patch so much, that I had to create my own this year .......

So share away girls .........

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zom-bee Challenge

I planned to participate in this year's zombie challenge but have been procrastinating a bit. I've had a zombie picture in my head for a couple of years that I have yet to create. I knew it would be perfect for this challenge. I've been envisioning a bumblebee that has been zombified; you know a zom-bee.  I wanted to use paperclay but have been nervous about giving it a go, hence why I dragged my feet on this challenge.
This is my first go with paperclay and I'm glad I finally gave it a try. It took a few hours to create him so now I'm trying to wait patiently while he dries. Once he's dry I can paint him black, yellow and bloody! I'm  anxious to finish him and add him to my horde of zombie dolls.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Zombie surprise!

So the other day, I came home to find a little box on my doorstep.

Inside what did I find?

 A wonderful box of cookies and a zombie head pincushion!

Now, the cookies did the Monster Mash during shipping...but I don't know ANY zombie that has all his limbs!  I ate them first...before Kaela stole the "bodies."

And Ernie is happily sitting out with my other zombies....just waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul to get within lips reach!

Thank you so much Kerry, this little package made my day!!!!