Saturday, April 18, 2015

April's challenge: hothouse!

"Cherub Pod Hot Houses!"

Our family loves tomatoes and we eat all types all year long.  Lately we've been eating Cherubs brand in these cute little pods.

When empty, they look like little mini terrariums.   

I hated throwing them away so decided to use them to start some sunflowers for Kaela...they are her FAVORITE flower and I just can't seem to grow them.  

So here's how I did it....

I took some coffee filters and cut them to size.

and stuffed them down into each pod so soil wouldn't fall out the holes.

Then I filled each with a little soil and mixed in some seeds and watered them ALOT...had to let the water drain!

Then, I covered each pod with plastic wrap to create a little hot house

And set them on the warmest window ledge in the house.

In less than 8 days, I had to uncover them!  I loosened the wrap so you can see but left it on lightly because the window gets chilly at night.  

Once they got too tall for the pod, I replanted them into
a pot on the patio.  

These worked so well, I did the same thing with 2 more varieties of sunflower.   I didn't even bother putting these on the ledge in the house.

They've also been transplanted and are thriving!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Zombie Coasters .....

For anyone who wants to give the zombie coaster a try ......
THIS IMAGE is the one I based my coaster off of. It just took a little counting, after I'd decided on what size coaster I wanted.
Play around with it, and have some fun ...... it's easy to get lost for a couple of hours while playing with those beads :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thank you Kerry!

Last month sweeeeeeet Kerry sent me the BEST THING EVER!    Wanna see?  

First an adorable primitive zombie (sounds like a theme, y'all!)  AND a zombie coaster!!!!!  YAY!

Seriously, isn't this da bomb!?  A little zombie love for springtime........I am blessed to have friends that know me so well!  

Thank you again Kerry, this made my MONTH!

April's challenge: Renewal

Greetings to our little group!   I haven't been blogging much of late due to being super busy but things should start getting back to normal this month!  YAY NORMAL!!!  I'm also having problems with my camera talking to blogger.....hope to get that fixed now that I am not quite so busy.

In to April's Challenge!!!

Spring is all about renewal and with that in mind, this month's challenge is to repurpose something. ANYTHING!  You can alter it or simply repurpose it for another use.  Whatever you choose to do, POST about it for this month's drawing!

I already know what I'm going to do with a few empty cherry tomato containers like the one below:

Image result for cherry tomatoes brands

One more thing, the winner of last month's drawing is Iara!   I have a box full of stash stuff to mail you so please email me your address.

Thank you for playing along in March!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I was finally able to jump on and meet a monthly challenge! I saw the March theme and thought, "Okay, I can do this." I have a reputation among my long-distance friends and family for never sending a plain brown package.  I had already begun experimenting with some cheap neon acrylic paints on the first package and wasn't too pleased with my results, but the recipient (my older sister, a talented artist) always appreciates my art.  The second package contains a gigantic inflatable globe for my nieces and nephew, and the Seuss title "Oh the Places You'll Go" was my inspiration.  I switched out the last word of the title with "Know" because well, it's a globe.  I used my Faber-Castell twist-up crayons on doubled 40 pound white kraft paper.  I discovered that it would not handle any wet medium.  But coloring is so soothing, don't you agree? Since I am terrible at drawing people figures, I cheated and printed out the little guy on the spire.  I decided to place the address label on the back side of the "book" so as not to have the little guy covered by postage labels.

Monday, March 16, 2015


The temptation was too great ........ I think I might need help ........ Anyone know of a ZA group !!!!
Zombies Anonymous ..... Val's mention of a Seuss Zombie just got my brain in a whirl ..... and I had to follow it !!!!

Meet GROMBIE .... the Grinch Zombie !!!!

Let's be honest now .... he's pretty endearing :-)
I found THIS FREE CROCHET PATTERN on Pinterest, and it sealed the deal !!! He was quick to make - 3 days (working in snippets of time) to complete him.
I am ridiculously excited that I've got another zombie to add to my collection ...... and it's not even close to Halloween !!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

March's challenge!

Seussify something, that's what I said
What was I thinking? I'm outta my head!
I had to make something, simple and quick
So I Seussified Osa with a clip and a snip:

But it wasn't enough, it didn't quite "do!"
I needed to Seussify another thing or two!
So I pulled out my hook and some yarn in bright colors
Crocheted up some stitches, some old and some yothers...
I made a new cozy so fun and so neat

But my Seussify need still wasn't complete!
So back to my stash, I dug through and through.
I pulled out some fabric, some felt and some glue.
Thread and a needle, down I then sat
And made a BETTER cozy with CAT IN THE HAT!

This poem was the last thing I thought should be done
Seussification complete, now wasn't that fun!