Friday, May 29, 2020

This little girl is headed off into the world tomorrow! I put some extra goodies in, as well, but wanted to keep them a surprise. I hope my target loves her as much as I do!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Mailing on Tuesday...

This guy is getting costumed this weekend and will be on his way to his new home on Tuesday. I thought I would send one last look before costuming. I am so excited about him and hope his new mom enjoys him.


She's Arrived!!! My Beautiful Zombie has Arrived!

After a long day yesterday I was thrilled to receive a package from Clare!!!

When the pandemic hit I was in the islands. While my island vacation wasn't affected, poor Jenny's vacation was definitely interrupted. She even has a poem!

Clare, Jenny is amazing. I LOVE her.

Little Jenny Zombie

Jenny's friend

I love this guy! Not only is he wearing board shorts, he has his own beach chair that actually folds flat. 


Clare also send me a beautiful journal, a pack of travel scrapbook stickers which will be used next weekend at the 3 day scrapbook crop I am going to, and some supper cool Halloween themed guest towels. The only thing not pictures is a tiny potion book which is so amazing I can't believe I left it out of the pictures :( 

Thank you Clare for an amazing Zombie and fun set of googies!! She is beautiful and will be cherished. 

Thank you Val for hosting this fabulous swap again. 


I was working in the garden . . .

 Look at this AMAZING little zombie that I received from Kerry!
I was "working in the garden" when the corona virus hit.
I have always wanted a crocheted zombie.  
She may just stay out until Halloween.  :)
She can be my decoration for this Shelter in Place season.
I LOVE HER . . . and her flowers . . . and germs . . . and hair bows . . . 
. . . and especially these skulls in her head!
 I wish I had taken more photos of the packaging, but my granddaughter was at my house and I think she was excited as I was when my zombie package arrived.  I am not sure what a three year old thinks a "zombie package" is ??? . . . but when she saw that it involved opening pretty wrapped packages . . . she was all in. 
This is the granddaughter that told me once . . . "You're kind of weird."  . . . zombie packages in May - maybe she is right.  :)
This whole package was fun!  
My granddaughter also help me start the seeds in the 
"Brain Growing Kit".  

 This wonderful journal . . . and a skeleton beaded garland.  
Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween?
 Thank you again Kerry!  I LOVE IT!
Also, thank you Val for hosting this fun swap.
I am hoping you are all safe and healthy!

"When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it."
                                        ~ Caitlyn Siehl

Thursday, May 7, 2020

zombie smile preview . . .

I am finished with my zombie doll and will be sending her off soon.
I just wanted to share a little zombie smile this morning.

I get a few weird looks from people when they find out I make zombie dolls.  
. . . and some looks of disbelief when I tell them that I am not the only person who 
creates and likes weird little dolls.  Thank you ladies for taking part in these zombie doll swaps and thank you Valerie for hosting this extra one.  I am always inspired by everyone's creativity!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Zombie in Progress

A quick peek at my zombie. This picture was snapped as I was making my zombie. I've since finished it and am working on the tuck-ins before I send it off to it's new home.
With such strange times in the world, it seems like a good time to be making zombie dolls. Hope you are all enjoying a bit of zombie making too!
Stay safe, stay healthy and stay creative!


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Progress Pics

I am so excited for this swap. Life has been super crazy here, in addition to the global pandemic and working from home, my 2 oldest boys, one with fiance and 6 year old in tow, have moved in with us. They join our youngest son and his fiance who are living here until they have enough for a down payment on a house. So needless to say, it's been nuts with 7 adults, a 6 year old, 2 dogs and 2 cats under 1 roof! Yes, these are my monkeys and this is my circus :)

Since these zombies are themed by the recipient (and I LOVE what my partner chose), I decided to send in some progress pics before I started costuming. Once that happens I would imagine the person would know it was for them!
Head, hands and feet

Not a pretty profile! 

Zombie Eyes!

I made the eyes. I work with polymer clay and originally was trained to paint the eyes but my own eyes are old and I just couldn't get the look I wanted so I started looking for ways to make them :) I love how these turned out.

I'll share more once this zombie is painted... before costuming.