Saturday, May 30, 2015

not quite a zombie....

May's Challenge: Stashbuster Wreath

For May's challenge I made this Gnome and Toadstool wreath:

I had been wanting to make another little gnomey wreath for my front door.   I dug around in my stash and found everything I needed....some of the toadstools were ones I made last year for Christmas.  I made the flowers using hot glue and ribbon.

This gnome takes center stage:

Get your posts in by June 1st so I can send someone something for participating!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mushrooms And Crochet

Mushrooms .... Toadstools .... Objects of all things fantasy and magical .... I LOVE them :-)
Hmmm .... what to make for this months Mushroom Challenge !!!
I've found my most favorite crochet hooks - they don't hurt my hand when I crochet, and that for me is huge !!! Most favorite hooks, need a special home ....

I made this up as I went along, (using bits and pieces I had on hand) to fit what I needed. An appliqued mushroom front was on the list ....

Both sides of the inside have pockets for hooks ...... I only have 3 of these awesome hooks right now, but my collection will grow as time goes by. I added a length of wool felt - somewhere to put some pins and needles.

I added a zipper pocket to the bag ..... somewhere to keep those little  necessities ... scissors, stitch markers etc.
I finished it all off with binding, and a spotty ribbon tie.
The perfect home, for my most perfect hooks !!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mushroom Mania .....

While I work away on my mushroom creation, I thought I'd share some real beauties with you ....

Texas has had an EXTREMELY wet Spring so far this year ..... the lakes are all full, and we have pools of stagnant water lying everywhere - the ground can soak in no more !!! This seems to have led to an abundance of fungi ... well certainly in our garden. The thrill for me, is that most of them have popped up in my fairy garden ...... Oh the stories I have thought up !!!!
I am nuts about mushrooms and toadstools, I think they are beyond fascinating ......
So here's a little picture show for you, of what we've had appear .... it may even give you a little inspiration for your May creation :-)

I love how frilly this one looks.

My imagination runs wild, with the idea of fairy parties under these cuties, once the stars come out.

Beautiful !!!

These are called Yellow Houseplant Mushrooms .....
The next day, this is what had happened to them ..... sweet, little, bright yellow button tops.

A real little fairy cluster.

So perfectly shaped :-)

Happy crafting ladies :-)

Friday, May 1, 2015

May's Theme!!!!!

Soooooooo.  I had so many ideas for May that I was seriously losing my mind.   That in itself isn't too uncommon.  So I gathered my brains and stuffed them back into my wee little skull and went BACK to my first idea:


Okay, so you know I HAD to go there!  I love them too much to let an entire year go by without making something with mushrooms or toadstools!

So, make some of these cute little capped fellows and post them here by the first of June!!!!

I'll draw a name for a giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Go Forth and Renew!

     This is my forte! Before the word "Maker" came into play in the crafting and arting world, the best way to name what I love to do most is "transmuting," because "altering" just wasn't enough to describe it.
     During the last few days of March and the first few of April I started making some gift tags.  Too often, the holdup on someone's gift is the creation of the perfect tag.  I knew I needed to make several to have on hand.  I found this great Dutch regional doll calendar at a thrift shop for a dollar, and its pages were the most wonderful heavy (about 120lb) cardstock.  My husband teases me about suffering from PTSD whenever he hears the sound of my tag punch from the nights I spent sitting on the bed punching scads of  tag bases while he slept next to me.

 Soon after I finished this project I checked the Swapper Spot and saw that I had inadvertently met this month's challenge! Of course though, in my mind it really didn't count, so I knew I had to create something else to officially be my April submission.

     I knew this was going to be especially difficult, as I have been spending the month preparing and coordinating long-distance with my sisters for the celebration of our parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  Throw in all the logistics involved with being a mother of 5, spring gardening, and baby chick raising, and I was not sure I would be able to accomplish this.  Probably not the most necessary, but a good excuse, was creating a dress for my daughter -- the only child accompanying me on my trip, to wear to the reception.  Dressing a 5'5" 11-yr old in age appropriate, modest clothing is a special challenge.  I could sew from scratch, but why do that when there is a wealth of resources waiting for me at the thrift shop?  She has a unique sense of style among the kids at school and wears my finds and creations proudly.  The green dress on the left fits her perfectly, but is a little too mature and a tad dated.  The dress on the right, modern, girly (not to mention the original $100 tag still on it), but definitely not Dad Approved (even with a little t-shirt under it, still way too short and bust enhancing). The finished product is not quite finished yet, but I still have 29 hours until I leave.

      The real accomplishment this month, and the most important...I have in my stash the remnants of the fabric from which my mother's prom dress was made.  It was there that she first saw my father. She had never seen him at school before and at first assumed that he was from the local prep school and was attending as someone's guest. At their wedding she carried a bouquet of yellow roses -- rather unconventional at the time as they symbolized jealousy (now they also mean friendship) but those were her favorite, so there!  It just made sense to create a rose from the fabric for her to wear this weekend.  The center is a stray ArtMode earring from the collection of costume jewelry I acquired from my mother-in-law.  I know that this touch is extra special, because my mom loved my MIL very much, and the letters and cards that she sent to her in the last years of her life brought my MIL much comfort and joy at a time when she suffered silently and kept her terminal condition to herself.

I wish you all a Happy Spring. Go forth and make something new again.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April's challenge: hothouse!

"Cherub Pod Hot Houses!"

Our family loves tomatoes and we eat all types all year long.  Lately we've been eating Cherubs brand in these cute little pods.

When empty, they look like little mini terrariums.   

I hated throwing them away so decided to use them to start some sunflowers for Kaela...they are her FAVORITE flower and I just can't seem to grow them.  

So here's how I did it....

I took some coffee filters and cut them to size.

and stuffed them down into each pod so soil wouldn't fall out the holes.

Then I filled each with a little soil and mixed in some seeds and watered them ALOT...had to let the water drain!

Then, I covered each pod with plastic wrap to create a little hot house

And set them on the warmest window ledge in the house.

In less than 8 days, I had to uncover them!  I loosened the wrap so you can see but left it on lightly because the window gets chilly at night.  

Once they got too tall for the pod, I replanted them into
a pot on the patio.  

These worked so well, I did the same thing with 2 more varieties of sunflower.   I didn't even bother putting these on the ledge in the house.

They've also been transplanted and are thriving!