Friday, September 30, 2011

Seed Pod Goodness from Kerry

Thank you Kerry!!!!!!! You are always a awesome swapper.. this month is no different.. She made some of the cutest ornaments ever.. take a look:

This is the whole package I got:

These are my super duper cute ornaments:

And would you just LOOK at these handmade buttons in one of my fav color combos.. it's going to take me a while to build the courage to use them.. so for now I will take the out, pet them, and safely pack them away.. I just ADORE them:

Thank you so much kerry for another wonderful swap :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

October's theme!

From ugly ducklings to princesses, swans are in many fairy tales...and rightfully so. They are such lovely creatures, it is easy to see how they are inspiring to writers.

October's ornament: swan
October's challenge: make 2 ornaments.... 1 white swan, 1 black swan
October's activity: read a swan story with someone...or just by yourself.

Here are just a few to choose from:
The Wild Swans
The Ugly Duckling
Trumpet of the Swan
Swan Princess
The 7 Swans
Swan Lake
The Black Swan
The 6 Swans
Swan Maidens
The Red Swan

020-Los cisnes salvajes-The Fairy Tale Book-Adrienne Segur / Cesar Ojeda

“I will play the swan, And die in music.”
William Shakespeare

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm one lucky frog

My froggy swap gift came today from Sherry W. and I must honestly say that I belief I may have received the best swap gift ever...oh, what wonderfully creative and unique items. Gizzy helped me unpack the box:

This is very exciting! I'm so smitten with this crocheting frog who has beads attached to the yarn saying "rip-it"... how clever is that? She's going to be my constant crochet partner with her big, toothy smile - reminding me that if at first you don't succeed, just rip-it and try again :-)

I can't get over the detail and workmanship Sherry put into making those two decorated match boxes. They're simply adorable and they even have little surprises inside. Here's the frog prince and his loot:

and this is the adorable froggy witch:

I just love those three little draw string pouches with the lovely froggy material and the pretty blue inside. They are very well made and so cheerful looking:

(this photo is of the two smaller ones, but I got a bigger one too)

I also got four gift tags with various "froggy" inscriptions:

It's hard to read them on the photo, the different froggy sayings are: "Toad-ally happy for you" - "You make my heart leap!" - Sorry I frog-ot" and "You're un-frog-gettable" - isn't that clever?

I'm blown away with these wonderful gifts. I'm pretty sure I don't deserve them all, but I'm accepting them anyway with thanks, admiration (for your talent, Sherry) and appreciation. It's Christmas in September! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sherry - you outdid yourself!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

milkweed ornie

I have been down and out with bronchitis for the last 8 days.

Today I FINALLY felt better and decided to do some quick crafting. Here is my "seedpod" ornament. I was inspired by Green mama's but added a little acorn fairy

the 'seeds' are actually stems cut of some whole cloves...the ornie is cute AND smells good!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doris Made my Heart "Leap"!

Thank you Doris for such a wonderful package!
The crocheted froggie ornament has a cd on the inside,
 which I think is very cool!
Doris also sent some pretty little tealight candles,
 a cupcake notebook and some coffee.
the cute frog hat....isn't it adorable?!?!?
and yes....

I did wear
the frog hat all day Saturday.

Thanks Doris!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Prince

Here are all the frog prince's from Jill.
 The frog prince ornament is so pretty and detailed with its charming ribbon and bow hanger. The frog pin cushion is so cute, with magnets on the bottom so it will be sure to stay where I put it. The green frog color sewing tin already has lace and trim in it from Jill. I have opened and eaten most of the frogs in the candy bag. A frog stapler is just too cute. And frog fabric. And frog colored note cards. I have invented the new color of the week -- frog color.

Thank you Jill for my frog prince.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Frogs from Gin

Frogs, frogs, frogs! Gin sent this froggy prince package to me. It arrived on Friday after a busy week at school so it was a great way to end the week! My daughter quickly scoffed up the puzzle and hung the appliqued froggy hand towel in the bathroom. The fabric has frogs, turtles and says nature. How perfect, right?! I thought so too! It has been set aside to wash/dry before we use it for a future project. And the ornament, you ask? My new frog prince ornament, complete with a crown and royal cape, is hanging on my YOE tree. Thank you Gin!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The prince

I received my frog prince package from Jill.. It's great.  Frog prince ornament, felt frog magnet, frog fabric, frog candy, ribbon!!! And all so color coordinated..  I haven't been home to take the picture. I love it and will post it hopefully Sunday....

Thank you Jill.


So our sweet little coordinator, Val, who is in charge of numerous swaps and i am sure crazy busy, went out of her way and sent me a beautiful mermaid package. It arrived last week and it is beautiful.
Candles,bracelet, seeds and more....
 Look at all the goodies she sent. I LOVE the anchor buttons and the herb know me so well!
Look at my beautiful ornament. I cant wait to hang it on my christmas tree this year! Thanks Val for making my day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Feast your eyes on THIS!!!

Lookie Lookie at all the froggy prince goodness I got!!!! Not only the most awesome ornament ever (upper left) but  super cool altered rolodex card (bottom) and ATC and charms!!!!!Thank you so much to Missy for a super duper cool swap!! I love it all!!!