Tuesday, November 30, 2010


"So, who helps Santa with all his toys?
Who wakes the fairies with all their noise?
Who has cute shoes that turn up at the toes?
Who makes you smile, regardless of woes?"
The sprightly little elf is definitely one of the most well known enchanted creatures around...and many are quite naughty!

December's ornament: Elf

December challenge:
slow down long enough to make an enchanted ornament for yourself.

December's activity: Random Act of Kindness: tie a dollar bill to a candy cane and lay it on a strangers desk at work.
Or buy the person behind you in the drive thru their morning latte.....

Remember to mail your ornaments out earlier than usual this month.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deer Val!

Gosh, was I thoroughly spoilt by our ever creative host, Val!

Take a look at what she sent me:

Gorgeous embroidered Deer, a little teeny deer diorama, green tea, baby rompers (for my #2 bubs due in February 2011), mini panelkit, little porcelain deer, little trinkets with a sweet paper acorn &  a leather photo holder, so we can show off photos of our new baby!

I adore everything, so much thought has gone into Val's package and is very personalised - thankyou so much Val! x

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Little Deers

My partner has recieved her package, so I can share the ornaments I made for her with you.
They were totally out of my comfort zone, as neither used fabric or yarn ...... but this is what I've LOVED about this YOE Swap - we've been challenged to use different media, and as a result I've learned so much, and found other crafts that I really enjoy:-)

Now to put on my "Elf" thinking cap ..... these little creatures hold a special place in my heart. A tradition in our home is the arrival of 2 elves on December 1st (Gabby & Bart), they create much mischief and laughter every night, until they return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve. In the past we've woken in the morning to Gabby and Bart having marshmallow baths in the basin, we've found them stuck in jello in the fridge, swinging from the ceiling fan and stuck in the toilet paper they've used to TP our dining room!!!! Special memories for our family:-)
I hpoe every one has had a blessed Thanksgiving. We got to share the day with my hubby's best friend who is visiting from Australia ......... for this we are truely thankful:-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reindeer that I sent!

I did not make him, just fixed him up a bit. I spotted him at a sale, and just had to add him into my partner's package.
I did put together this little ornament, complete with reindeer, and wonderful coarse glass glitter, tiny bottle brush tree, set into a small
tart tin. Love the tinsel and just the feeling I get reminding me of my childhood Christmas experiences.
Then I made this set of 8 'Deer' gift tags. For those in her life who are especially 'Dear'
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The Icing On The Cake

I thought I'd share my latest creation - this one will be finding a new home, but I'll definately be making one for myself.

As our YOE Swap is coming to an end (BIG sniff... sniff!!!), and we now all have a fantastic collection of enchanted ornaments, that will be treasured and displayed with pride each Christmas, I thought that it would only be fitting to round of our enchanted trees with an enchanted tree skirt.

This is what I came up with - it came together as I worked on it. I had no definate plan in mind when I started - I love the result:-)

The only thing I had to purchase to make it was the base fabric, the rest (felt, bias binding and trim) I had lying around in my stash - stuff I had left over from other projects:-) The patterns for the mushroom, acorn, leaves and gnome I either drew or got from kids coloring books. The owl is an adaption of the scissor keep I've posted about before.

This swap has been amazing, and I can hardly wait to get my enchanted tree up and decorated ..... hurry up December 1st!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November's challenge

A ton of teeny crocheted acorns ...to help decorate for Thanksgiving. I used a tutorial from Resurrection Fern and truly love how they turned out!

Here they are in a little vintage basket my mother gave me a few years ago.

Stop by my blog tomorrow to see the rest of the decorations....now to work on something for Christmas!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A new deer friend......

I was just reading Missy's post, and I have to say that I am so flattered by her description of my house...It is a simple little house really, but it is me....You are very kind!
When I realized that Missy practically lives down the street, I suggested we just meet to swap. I was so excited to meet a blog friend! She is so little and cute and easy to talk too...We even talked about chickens and she brought me fresh eggs! I am looking forward to meeting for coffee, and after a tear filled, hysterical day, she was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed....
She made me the cutest deer ornament ever, it is out of paper mache'. I also found a matching little charm that I never even saw...I cant wait to put it on a silver bracelet...

She also decorated a little box that has vintage stickers...I love these, they bring back memories.

She gave me the cutest appliques on a black background too...I think I am going to use them on a small quilt....

Thanks so much Missy for being so thoughtful!

Reindeer here!!!!!

Sweet Melinda C. and I met Tuesday night and exchanged our November packages. She is short just like me ;0)!!! She spoiled me... beautiful handmade ornaments (they even smell good), Christmas candy dish, reindeer basket and the list just keeps on going!!! I was privileged to seeing her beautiful home, all filled with beautiful hand-sewn items and gorgeous antiques!!! We hope to meet for coffee sometime soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Flower pot reindeer

I just saw this adorable reindeer over at Dollar Store Crafts. This would be a fun one to make with the kids. Plus, I bet you could get an assembly line going and make a bunch for gifts.

*The original design came from Fireflies and Family*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Rudolph arrived

Look at this precious reindeer ornie from Sandy. I love the big button eyes, the shiny tinsel around the edge of his party hat. His ears are cute along with rosy cheeks.

And some pony tail bands she made, some chocolates and tea. And a cute Christmas bell.

Thank you so much Sandy.

My Mouse Package

I received this wonderful package from Niki the other day, but I have had computer problems so I'm just now posting it. Niki sent me the cutest little mouse ornament and then some gorgeous fabric squares and other goodies. Thanks so much Niki! I love everything!

Here's what I sent to Niki. A little bag and different mice that I made and then some other goodies.

Thanks Niki for a nice swap!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Owls from Niki

My partner for October was Niki. She sent this cute little bag full of treats.

First, this adorable card.

There is a sweet paper butterfly on the inside of the card. Niki also sent some goodies from Stitchin' Heaven. There is a hand sanitizer pen, a regular pen, and a pen light. Hey, I just noticed a theme there lol.

Her daughters helped her make these sweet fabric owls. I love the eyes on these guys. When I receive swap packages in the mail I always show Hubby what's inside. He was crazy about these little owls. I can never tell what is going to interest him.

Niki also added some fabric. You can never go wrong with fabric. Love the clocks.  Thanks Niki!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Owl Month

Now that I'm back & refreshed from my holiday up in North Queensland, Australia I can post about my owl month.
While I was away my package from Michele arrvied, here are my sweet owl & extra goodies:

I know Michele posted about the owl earlier on - but had to post again so she knows it arrived safely. I love all my owly goodiness - such beautiful stitching!

This is what I sent Michele -

I love embroidery, so couldn't resist stitiching up a cute owl and framing it on a hoop - a little owl softie to hang on her tree & a vintage owl card, cute owl pendant along with a sweet doily & candle - hope they reached their destination safely!

I also completed October's challenge too, while I was away on holidays - here are my banner creations - they are already hung up & this is where I'll hang my Christmas cards!

November Doorprize

I've been collecting items for this months door prize ALL YEAR LONG!! Up for grabs we got...
2 acorn ornies
2 snail iron on appliques (made by me)
1 wooden owl to paint
1 mouse pin cushion
1 glass teeny tiny lucky ladybug
1 clip on birds nest
1 baby chick cookie cutter (I know, I know, it's not enchanting, but it was left out of someone's package a few months back and needs a good home)

1 mushroom fat quarter
1 mystery owl fabric...can you guess what it is??

And possibly a few extras...since I've been collecting all year, I didn't keep them all in one place. I can already think of two more items I left out of the pictures.

Those interested...sign up!! I'll draw one lucky winner on December 1st.

Hootin' Good Stuff...

Saturday I got my hooti-licious package from Jenny...

She sent a felt owl ornie with cute decorations (LOVE the buttons!), a salt and pepper owl set, some owl hair clips and owl/fall scrapbooking stickers. Thank you Jenny, it was a wonderful package!! What fun I'll have with it all!!
I've been away from blogland for almost a month so I'm not sure if she's posted her package or not. Here's what I sent her...I made two Chrismas-y owls and glued them to painted clothespins so that they'll clip to the Christmas tree. I also sent a fall-ish owl, leaf buttons, pig buttons (I added wings to the third one so that it would be a flying pig), an owl bookmark (I think, I found it at an estate sale like that) and a whole bag of bottle caps.

I LOVED the tutowlrial that Valerie showed us...in fact, I loved those little owls so much that I decided to make a WHOLE NEST of them for our churches fall bazaar. I'm really bummed that my picture didn't turn out perfectly, but it gives you the idea of how I displayed them on the table.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October DOOR Prize Winner . . .

The winner for this months "October" Door Prize winner is . . .

. . . Niki of NikiStitch.

I will be mailing this PRIZE out to you soon! I'll email you details!

Hootin Cute . . .

This box came at a perfect time. ON my birthday (Oct. 29th)! (did you plan that Shawnee)?

I was/am so tickled :) I got my owl ornie that was cutely tucked in my brand new apron pocket. Lookie at that owl! *~HOOT HOOTIN' CUTE!~* A nice orange backdrop with images of ravens, owls and black cats. Totally HALLOWEEN! Polka dots & ric rac *squeals*. Got some Halloween baking cups, awesome chipboard, Halloween mini card set, some papers and stickers! *swoons*
SHAWNEE - Thank you so much! You spoiled me rotten :) I love my owl! I love my apron and extras! Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you! <3

My Mouse is in the House...

Playing Catch up... This is my September goodie from my partner Natalie in Australia!

Ha- I love my stripe-y mouse! :) Got some yummy lemon tea - perfect as the nights are getting chilly around here. A mouse cookie cutter- how awesome is THAT! *squeals* I love me some cookie cutters! Also some garden pumpkin seeds. Will do that next Spring.
Thank you so much Natalie! I love everything :)

Owl package from Melinda!!!

I was so excited to open my package.. and lookie lookie at what I got!! It was all packaged in a very pretty box!! I love it all and the popcorn balls were YUMMY!! I had to hurry and take the picture because my kids were anxious to get theirs :-) Now to find a special spot for my owls :) And just in time because I have already taken down my halloween decorations ;-)

The Winner Is.....

My daughter drew SHERRY W as the winner of the October Xtra Door prize!!!
All of the goodies above, together with the "suprise" will be on its way to her.

Sherry or Val, if you could just let me have a mailing address, I'll get it in the mail ASAP:-)