Wednesday, December 30, 2009

January's doorprize

Our first door prize of the year!

A beautiful mini calender by artist Charley Harper.

Talk about Enchanting! The art work is gorgeous and fits our theme beautifully....

Here is a picture of the back with all the on it to enlarge!

Get your comments in ladies!

I'll draw our winner on Saturday the 9th!

(and speaking of door prizes...we have a few months left if anyone else would like to help me out!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This is part of what I've used for January's ornament..............the ornie is infact finished and I just LOVE it....................ok, that's all you're getting out of me:-)

I'm planning on treating the birds later on this week, with the help of my 2 little nature lovers...they're always up for making something.
I have every intention of doing the Random Act of Kindness.................I'm just not sure what yet:-)
I'll let you know once I've decided.
Happy crafting.

Friday, December 25, 2009

January's theme!!!

I couldn't WAIT until 2010 this time...I'm just too eager to get going!

I am so excited you've chosen to be a part of here goes!

This month, take a moment to stalk your partner's blog and make her ornament that much more special.

I'm sure I'll have another post explaining something I've left out....but I just wanted to get the theme up for some of you eager crafters!

January's ornament is:

The Acorn or Pine cone

look at this teensy acorn box from Martha Stewart

or this sweet fabric pine cone from sewmamasew

woodland ornaments by elsiemarley.

Here are a few links you might like...

oldschoolacres.typepad for acorn tut for felted acorns

January's challenge: RAK!

January is a tough month for many. People become depressed when the bustle of the holidays pass.
Families go back home and people seem lonelier than ever.

Then bills start pouring in and many people dread just walking to their mail box.

If we all did one Random Act of Kindness, there would be 13 people out there that got a little 'happy' one day this month.

You could mail a note to someone, buy a stranger coffee or leave a cookie on your coworker's get the picture, right? It needn't be expensive!

January's activity:
create ornaments for the birds!

We can't leave our feathered friends out in the cold this month so here are some ideas and links to help you along:

I love this orange slice idea:

and this idea with cookie cutters.

I have on my other blog, a recipe for orange cups, feel free to check it out.

and another link....

I'll be eager to see how many of you do all THREE things this month....

Be sure to show us all what you create by blogging about it and feel free to post ideas, hints, recipes..anything that pertains to this months theme.

Good luck and happy crafting.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Year of Enchantment...

We are closed!!!!! We have our swappers!

We have an extra! know I'm such a softie!

It is my intention to email everyone with their partners (or 'send to' person) information before New Year's.

I will also be sending out another email with a request AND other information so please read the whole thing!

Please, if you haven't loaded the badge yet, do so before the next year rolls around.

January 1st, come back HERE for your first month's THEME announcement. (okay, so maybe the 2nd, right...or the 3rd?)

And for you impatient types....I may have it up early!

As someone I know likes to say

"Be Enchanted"...and we shall be!

Because ladies, that is what this next year will be ALL ABOUT!

From my heart to yours, please have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling Enchanted?

2010 is almost here!

With it, I invite you to join me on a little is limited to a total of 13 people (myself included.)
For this year, I am having a limited swap. The same people participate each month and I simply switch up who you are partnered with.
Email me NOW if you want in....but before you do, remember this:

You are committing to an ornament swap

Through sickness and in health...for richer or get the picture.

"A Year of Enchantment" goes a bit like this...

Each month, I'll post the ornament 'theme' on the blog. I'll email you each with your partner for THAT month's swap.

I'll also post an activity and a challenge. They will not be part of the swap, don't worry! They are basically suggestions for you to help you slow down and enjoy yourself a bit...
It is up to you to decide what you have the time to do.

Remember to post about your creations and any activities you do on the blog.

The only thing you HAVE to do each month is the swap.
Some months you may be able to do all three things.

The idea is simple. To immerse yourself back into the beauty of nature and to try and smell the roses along the way.
Life can be so tough and we fly through our days and weeks and months and have nothing but new wrinkles to show for it.

Some rules:

You must promise to send your package out before or on the 3rd Saturday of each month, for the entire year!
You must promise to use delivery confirmation
You must promise to keep your package to no more than the ornament and maybe a couple little goodies. With us having 12 of these, we don't need to go BROKE in the process...remember we have to add shipping!
You must promise to HANDCRAFT your ornie and make it beautiful...something you would LOVE to get in return.
You must promise not to flake if you don't like that month's theme.
You must promise to at least LOOK at the activities and challenges. I've put a LOT of work into this idea and it is my desire that you'll all slow down just a bit and enjoy at least 1 or 2 of them.

*due to the fact that this is a limited swap, I cannot allow a 'newbie' in without someone else vouching for them. Please understand this is for the protection of all participants and not meant to offend any one person.

I already have a few ladies who emailed me asking when we are starting. I will post the first theme JANUARY 1ST!!!

This swap will close when 12 more people have joined OR December 30th. If I do not have enough participants by December 30th, I will cancel and change it into a craft along instead.

If you are IN, for SURE, without a DOUBT, email me at
valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with the following:

1. your full name
2. your address and phone (I won't abuse this)
3. your blog MUST have a blog and it MUST be posted to regularly. Flickr, etc will not suffice.
4. your favorite colors
5. colors you detest (yes, that is a strong word but if you LOATHE a color, you don't want your ornament made with it.)
6. a list of 10-20 little goodies you like. For example, bookmarks, hershey kisses, tea, ribbon...etc. Think of little inexpensive things someone can slip into your package without costing them alot.
7. a short list of things you hate...again, if you HATE hot tea, your partner won't want to make the mistake of sending it to you. If you don't care, then just put 'don't care' in that section.

That's it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jenny's surprise...

Jenny was the winner of the random drawing! She said she LOVES flying I created one for her!

She got her package today so I can share the photos.....

I also sent her a royal blue hugger but forgot to take a photo....maybe Jenny will show you!

Stay tuned.....I've got lots in store for 2010!

Friday, December 4, 2009

a secret....

Shhh.....Today I did a secret drawing for all you gals who participated in my Enchanted Forest ornament swap.....I put your names in a basket....and I drew one name out.

I can't tell you WHAT I sent......its too 'customized'....she'd KNOW right away it was for her.....

Wonder what it is........?

Wonder who won.......

Don't you LOVE surprises???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's here!

Hey ALL! I just received my package from Leslie! Thanks so much! This has really been a ton of fun, and although I kinda stayed quiet and this in only my 2nd swap ever, I am so in for more!
So, Leslie, was so awesomely considerate in not sending any candy temptations that would interfere with my diet. The ornament is awesome! Going to look great on my tree!  She sent me a cute snowman table topper, some holiday keelnex, (so perfect for this time a year and so much softer than a napkin from Sonic lol) a note pad, some berry scented tea lites (yummy)some flavored teas and a Pampered Chef recipe book!
Thanks so much! XOXO
Please stop by and say hi on my blog!
Toodles, for now!