Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Another spookify project...

 "Werewolf Drool" sits on my bar....awaiting Halloween night......

Easy to make using an empty bottle, a Halloween sticker and some candles and crayons.....

Friday, October 16, 2015

Spookify me!

Here is my FIRST spookify me project!  Repurposed frap bottles.

I had such fun making them that I put a tutorial up on my own blog.
Pop by and get the lowdown to make your own set.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Made one for me...

 I call her JunkBunny... she's made from muslin and a vintage quilt.

Chris =]

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cookiefication !!!!

I had an extra skull cookie, just begging to be zombified !!!!!

Zombie Dress Up

My partner iara, sent a fabulous zombie package.

The outside of the package was decorated and the goodies inside were cheerfully wrapped to look like jack-o-lanterns.

This cute little zombie came with two outfits so I can play zombie dress up. She has a casual dress and a formal dress for those times when a zombie wants to dress up. Like when a cute zombie boy comes along.

My package included lots of goodies including gummy worms, a chocolate candle, baubles (odd & ends – which I love) and a skeleton globe. They are perfect for Halloween decorating. Thank you iara for a fabulous zombie package!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Annual ornament swap!

It is time for my annual Christmas ornament swap!  As always, this swap is for handcrafted ornaments.  Any medium is allowed!  You don't have to be an artist to join in I'm certainly not one.  

This year the theme is "Traditional"  
Think red, green and white.  Candy Canes, Santas, Snowmen, Little Trees, Jingle Bells....

We are doing a "5 for 5"  swap.
What this means is that you will be sending me 5 handmade ornaments and receiving a variety of 5 ornaments back. 
Once you join, I will send you the flickr info so you can upload photos of your finished ornaments.  You can also post on the swap blog.
You do not have to have a blog or webpage to join.
The deadline to sign up is Nov. 1st and I am restricting it to only 10 participants this year as I have several family obligations this holiday season. 

To sign up, send me an email at valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with your name and blog or flickr link/info.  

This will be a USA only swap due to shipping.

Please create something you would love to receive and be sure to package your ornaments in a nice, 

re-usable box so I can mail your new ornaments back to you in it. 
Try to keep your ornaments light in weight and please take care when wrapping to make sure they are cushioned, etc.  We want all our ornaments to arrive in pristine condition!

Shipping: Please send in $10.00 to cover the cost of sending ornaments back to you.  This will also cover tracking.   Please include a return address label already filled out.

Ship in time for me to receive them by Thanksgiving.  That way, I can get them in time to mail them out by the first week of December.  Sadly, I can't guarantee you getting an exchange box if your ornaments do not reach me in time.  (If that happens, I'll gladly return your own ornaments to you using the money you sent for shipping.)  
Shipping funds are important!  If you forget to include shipping, your ornaments can't be sent/returned until you have sent me the funds to send/return them to you.

If you finish your ornaments early, feel free to send them to me early so I can start organizing them.

If time gets away from you and you need to back out, no big deal, just drop me an email and I'll remove you from the list.  

Also, don't forget to grab the badge to put on your own blog to spread the word!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amazing Swap Package Alert!!

My amazing swap partner Kerry sent me the above package. It was so beautiful, full of glittery skulls and so many cool presents to open! It made my day. I knew it would be amazing because it was from Kerry but WOW -  it is beyond amazing!

Here is the star of the show, my amazing zombie! Isn't he cool. I love his hair, the cool screws in his head, actually I love everything about him! Kerry you are so talented! I am always so in awe of what you do. Thank you for making me the coolest Zombie ever! He is fabulous. I love his painted body and sculpted face his furry hair and cool, unblinking eye! He is truly a work of art!

This darling dish towel is just fabulous. I love the skulls with roses - seriously, who wouldn't? 

Zombie Virus Cannister -awesome and to make it even more awesome - it is filled with yummy dark chocolates!! My favorite! 

I am a huge Walking Dead and now also Fear the Walking Dead fan. I've see every episode of both shows and this made me cheer. I can't help it. I love the zombie paradigm. It's just such an interesting scenario. Of course that is why I participate in Zombie swaps and make zombie dolls!

Here is the package with everything unwrapped. I was so excited when I saw that journal, I couldn't wait to show everyone. It is even more beautiful in person! I didn't get a good picture of the journal but it is stunning!! To see a better picture checkout Kerry's Blog

Thank you Kerry for sending me a swoon worthy swap package :0) 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

October's craft along theme

A few years ago, I did a little thing on my regular blog called Spookify Saturday and I would make something and post a tutorial on it.

Remember this?
Image result for yarnigras, spookify

or these?

Image result for yarnigras, spookify

or what about these...

Cute, right?

I think that would be fun for this month's theme!

So, here we go.....

Spookify Something for October!

Then come here and show it off.   I am hoping more of you will play along since Halloween is such a fun crafting month.  I've been feeling a bit lonely.....being the only one of late to do the craft along theme!