Thursday, October 1, 2015

October's craft along theme

A few years ago, I did a little thing on my regular blog called Spookify Saturday and I would make something and post a tutorial on it.

Remember this?
Image result for yarnigras, spookify

or these?

Image result for yarnigras, spookify

or what about these...

Cute, right?

I think that would be fun for this month's theme!

So, here we go.....

Spookify Something for October!

Then come here and show it off.   I am hoping more of you will play along since Halloween is such a fun crafting month.  I've been feeling a bit lonely.....being the only one of late to do the craft along theme!


jillytacy said...

Does Halloween cute-ify count as a project this month? :)

A Little Creation said...

I've got the perfect project, lets see if I can get it done in time.
Chris =]