Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yarni Gras 8th Annual Halloween Swap!

I am BACCCCCK!  I have been gone a long long time and decided to come back by hosting my annual zombie doll swap!

This year we are swapping "MISSING ZOMBIES"

A missing zombie is a zombie you don't currently have in your collection and REALLY want.  

What we are swapping:
*1 HANDMADE  zombie doll based on your partner's profile.  As always, the doll must be at least 8 inches in length and completely handmade. 
*3  tuck ins.  These tuck ins should be chosen from your partner's profile.  They can be newly purchased, thrifted, re-gifted or handmade.  Use good judgement.

The package needs to be worth/valued at $25.00 before shipping.  As always, my swaps are meant to challenge your creativity, not bust your budget. If you can handcraft everything, I encourage it!  

Shipping has gotten outrageously expensive so this is a USA only swap and I am limiting it to 20 participants this year.

The join by date is August 31st.  That gives you time to invite some of your artsy pals to join in this year.  
I will email your partner info during the week following registration.  I will send out a confirmation email so please reply to it.

Ship date is October 1st.  This gives it time to arrive for Halloween display!  

Please wrap your items up nicely and ship on time.  If you are going to be late, contact me so I know what is going on.  
Please use priority mail so you can track your packages.  If your package is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to send a replacement package.  It is only fair to do so. 

I'll email all participants before the swap for confirmation.  Please reply and confirm to that email.  
To register:

Leave a comment here and email me at valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with the following information:

1. Name and mailing address
2. Cute or gruesome style? Some people prefer cute due to small children in the household.
3. To help us with tuck ins, give us a small list of things you like and use for Halloween including: crafts/arts, colors, candy, collections.
4. Tell us which type of zombie is missing from your zombie doll collection that you REALLY want.  Give us 3 choices!  (Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Prom, Nursery, etc....get the idea?)

I will send a confirmation email, please reply to it!