Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zombie Swap - what I sent and what I received

  It's been awhile since I've done a swap, it feels good to be back crafting for Spring my swap partner. Besides the fact I like making zombie dolls. =]  ( I apologize for the awful photos).

  Starting with the guy in the middle, my original idea for this primitive zombie was to go as natural as possible with my craft supplies. It's head is a dried fuji apple from the tree in my backyard, I carved his face then shrank the apple by baking it on low for 4 hours and leaving it out in the unusual, unwanted, unloved, unrelenting hot hot sun for 2 days. The body is a neat looking tree root also from my back yard and the hair (which you can't really see) is a mohawk made from pine needles, not found in my backyard.
  The first doll is my simple dirt,paint,tea stained homage to junkerjane. The last photo is a group of plastic zombie figures that I found last Christmas(?) They needed a makeover so I painted them to give them a little more personality.

  I got my package from Spring today, I forgot to take a picture of the Pasturized Zombie Tonic bottle she sent, one of my zombies is sitting on it. Thanks Spring!!

Chris =]

Gold...and purple!

September's theme was gold.  I had this AMAZING thing planned to do but time and weather wouldn't behave so I went another route.

I had some fun gold and purple things that needed to be whipped up for this year's college football I give you

LSU on a baker's rack!   Hahaha!

I made an apron (for a friend) and a ruffley scarf and a cute little crocheted cozy that I use everyday!

I hope someone else made something too....or this will be the second month in a row that I've played alone.....poo. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zombie Estelle

Look at what I received from our new swapper!   Clare, you most certainly outdid yourself !

I love this sweet little girl....

and all the goodies are amazing!  I am already using the tote bag!  The pumpkins are awaiting my Halloween decorations and the little pumpkin box had some m&ms in it!

The little "wagby" thing?  Well, let's just show it off, shall we?

 Osa LOVES it!  She prances around like she is miss fancy pants!

Thank you Clare!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Zombierific .....

Debbie, you are a crafting genius, ans I am in awe of your talent !!!!
Thank you SO much for the most awesome Swap Package - I oohed ans aahed all the way through opening it !!!!

So for your viewing pleasure ...... no being jealous now girls :-p ...

Just look at her ..... is she not awesome !!! From the top of her tufty head, to the tip of her dainty little ribboned feet, and her stubby arm in between ? I absolutely love her :-) Her tutu is the perfect finishing touch .... it so appeals to the girly girl in me :-)

How genius is my little Jack Skellington clock ..... I literally shrieked when I unwrapped him !!!!

There was some more awesomeness too .... a cute little pumpkin platter (just perfect for a halloween cookie or two - I'm planning to make some this year), some spools of ribbon, and a packet of gummy candy corns, that sadly didn't make the photo shoot (yes, it's been an horrific 3 weeks, and I ate them all,....  Every - Last - One !!!!)
I love the little pull out card Debbie made me too ..... so stinkin cute <3 p="">
Debbie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for this awesome package :-) I'm so excited to plan my Zombie Patch this year ....... It's going to be SPOOKTACULAR !!!!!

Woodstock Wendy and a big fat goof

Clare got her package so I can share here now!

Let me introduce "Woodstock Wendy."

Thought a throwback to Woodstock would be funny.

Here is the other stuff.....toadstools, soup mix, yarn, a journal, some stickers and a flowery headband.

The tag on the soup mix:

I put her in a doll like plastic box and included this info sheet on her.  I wanted it to read like a doll insert you get.  You'll have to click on it to read it...

Then I made two pieces of paper, like you get when something with a toy you bought might have a missing piece.   I slipped one into the box with her and taped one to the outside.

I made her to be naked but at the last minute added a little dress.  
Okay, so here is the GOOF!
I got my package from  Clare (I'll post a thank you soon) and upon opening it, I realized that I hadn't put ANY HALLOWEEN GOODIES in my package to her.

Never fear, I made amends and it is winging it's way to California this week.   I can't show what I sent her but I think she will approve.

Clare, I apologize for the oversight.  I sampled some of Wendy's mushroom tea and got confuuuuuused!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

swap reminder!

Hello everyone.  Just a reminder that once you ship, you need to let me know so I can update the sidebar!   

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Know Y'all Will Understand .....

I may just have let out a little shriek when the mail arrived today ........ It is AWESOME !!!!
Can't wait to have a play around with it tomorrow :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Primitive zombies!

Now that everyone has been emailed about their partner, I thought I'd touch base on what a PRIMITIVE zombie is.  Here is a link on How to make a primitive doll, then you can go wild turning it into a zombie!

Typically, a primitive doll is made from muslin or some other fabric that has been distressed by immersing in tea or coffee.  Then it is painted.  Some artists use vanilla or coffee or cinnamon to impart a little fragrance but that is optional.  (Remember that since it is NOT a secret swap, you can feel free to ask your partner all types of questions to help you create the perfect package for her! Check with her if you do a fragrance, I forgot to ask that question on the registration form.)

After the body is dry, you can do whatever you want, paint, sew, pin, etc. to give it the zombie look.

If you are having difficulty with the theme, google primitive zombie dolls for inspiration.

Here are a few examples, this top one is from Junker Jane, a doll artist.  I would consider this guy on the "creepy but cute" side.  

There is a seller online called The Morbid Dollhouse (thanks for the nightmares, Kerry!)  Let me tell you, if you like creepy, check her out!  Here is just ONE of her's.  Check her website out.  Amazing.

These below are what I consider cute creepy...OH MY GOSH, how cute are they????

the ones on the swap badge are primitive but cute, thank you Kerry!

sign ups through 8/22

a couple more cute n creepy types....

I hope these photos and the links above can help you out!  Feel free to give your doll a name and bio.  You could include a card telling the person receiving the doll his or her "life story..."
Most importantly, just have fun and make a doll hard to part with....maybe make yourself one along the way too!

Remember to pack things up nice and tidy.  If mailing chocolate, check the heat index or place in a ziplock baggie for the trip!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September's craft along theme!

Each time school goes back into session, this rhyme pops into my head:

"Back to school and the Golden Rule...."

So, with that in mind, I think it would be fun to have a GOLDEN theme, afterall, FALL is just around the corner down here in Louisiana!  It is probably in full swing up north.

How easy is it to make something GOLDEN and post it here before the end of the month?   COME ONE!  I know you can do it!  I was the one and only last month (sniff, sniff)

 Whoever does a post will be put into a drawing for a prize!

My head is swimming with lots of golden things already....wreaths, painted pine cones, swags, PUMPKINS, garlands, vases......the ideas are endless!  

Just in time for fall and the holidays!

Image result for golden fall

Good luck and have fun!!!!