Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Primitive zombies!

Now that everyone has been emailed about their partner, I thought I'd touch base on what a PRIMITIVE zombie is.  Here is a link on How to make a primitive doll, then you can go wild turning it into a zombie!

Typically, a primitive doll is made from muslin or some other fabric that has been distressed by immersing in tea or coffee.  Then it is painted.  Some artists use vanilla or coffee or cinnamon to impart a little fragrance but that is optional.  (Remember that since it is NOT a secret swap, you can feel free to ask your partner all types of questions to help you create the perfect package for her! Check with her if you do a fragrance, I forgot to ask that question on the registration form.)

After the body is dry, you can do whatever you want, paint, sew, pin, etc. to give it the zombie look.

If you are having difficulty with the theme, google primitive zombie dolls for inspiration.

Here are a few examples, this top one is from Junker Jane, a doll artist.  I would consider this guy on the "creepy but cute" side.  

There is a seller online called The Morbid Dollhouse (thanks for the nightmares, Kerry!)  Let me tell you, if you like creepy, check her out!  Here is just ONE of her's.  Check her website out.  Amazing.

These below are what I consider cute creepy...OH MY GOSH, how cute are they????

the ones on the swap badge are primitive but cute, thank you Kerry!

sign ups through 8/22

a couple more cute n creepy types....

I hope these photos and the links above can help you out!  Feel free to give your doll a name and bio.  You could include a card telling the person receiving the doll his or her "life story..."
Most importantly, just have fun and make a doll hard to part with....maybe make yourself one along the way too!

Remember to pack things up nice and tidy.  If mailing chocolate, check the heat index or place in a ziplock baggie for the trip!


Kerry said...

That website is haunting my dreams !!! Oh My Gosh ..... I think I'd be scared to visit that ladies house, after dark :-p

jillytacy said...

I can't even visit that site, I'm already scared! Love all the inspiration you included. I found an idea a few weeks ago for what I want to make. I can't wait to try!

jillytacy said...
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jillytacy said...
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A Little Creation said...

I love Junker jane dolls. And those other ones were creepy.
Chris =]