Monday, September 28, 2015

Woodstock Wendy and a big fat goof

Clare got her package so I can share here now!

Let me introduce "Woodstock Wendy."

Thought a throwback to Woodstock would be funny.

Here is the other stuff.....toadstools, soup mix, yarn, a journal, some stickers and a flowery headband.

The tag on the soup mix:

I put her in a doll like plastic box and included this info sheet on her.  I wanted it to read like a doll insert you get.  You'll have to click on it to read it...

Then I made two pieces of paper, like you get when something with a toy you bought might have a missing piece.   I slipped one into the box with her and taped one to the outside.

I made her to be naked but at the last minute added a little dress.  
Okay, so here is the GOOF!
I got my package from  Clare (I'll post a thank you soon) and upon opening it, I realized that I hadn't put ANY HALLOWEEN GOODIES in my package to her.

Never fear, I made amends and it is winging it's way to California this week.   I can't show what I sent her but I think she will approve.

Clare, I apologize for the oversight.  I sampled some of Wendy's mushroom tea and got confuuuuuused!


Clare said...

Woodstock Wendy is adorable! I love my little zombie doll!

Kerry said...

Brilliant ..... just Brilliant :-)

Debbie said...


jillytacy said...

Fabulous creation!

A Little Creation said...

Groovy Dude!! Peace On!
Chris =]