Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank you so much Susan!

I will post pictures soon . I enjoyed the box of goodies so much! I have been meaning to post sooner as I got the box on Monday but I got news of my cousin in critical condition(cancer)He has days to live on tuesday and then wednesday got news that another cousin has cancer and has months to live. So it's been crazy also your box was a huge hit!!! I have to fight my little chihuahua/shitzu for the blanket which is so soft and such happy colors,my 23 year old for the pens,my mother came in and tried to claim the yarn!My neighbor wanted the box of stationary you did too good of a job!

Monday, March 24, 2014

This is my Daughter

This is my daugter. Please take a minute and read. Thanks Val for letting me post here also.
 Please share.
Little Messy Missy


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coming soon....

are you brave enough to go into the nursery?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thanks Spring!

My package was hand delivered by Spring. And it was wonderful....
Just look what the package arrived in!

 Seeds, gloves, garden tools, terracotta pot, journal, cookie cutters, a hair clip and a table runner. Thanks Spring! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Mighty Thank You

I usually go all out when making my packages and did the same this year.   I had a theme within a theme, I had categories, I had hand made.....but Kerry TOTALLY outdid me and I cannot THANK HER ENOUGH!

So, first, check out the cute wrapping...she took my words and attached them as quotes on the packages. 

Oh, yea, even the TAGS were handmade.

and here is everything all spread out...she even made special polka dotted crochet hooks!

the toadstools and pincushion!  (I didn't even put that in my NT list but SHE KNEW! the ZOMBIE DOLL!

I'm telling you, I am so utterly amazed at this package, Thank you SO MUCH Kerry!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Box o' fun from Little Messy Missy

     our dear mailman spent over 3 hours stranded, greatly delaying our delivery on friday. as we were leaving the house for my daughter's birthday dinner a couple of my children walked back in the house carrying packages, one of which my son handed to me.  "ooh! i got a package from Messy Missy! she is SO cool! she has chickens too!" i squealed.  my husband said "you'd think it was your birthday too!"
     later that night i was able to take the time to relish the unpacking of a wonderful box of goodies.  of course Dash had to check it for explosives (or at least the presence of other kitties):

   i have to say, with little to go off other than my list of needful things, Missy was very inspired.  my youngest was most impressed with the sprinkling of jolly ranchers.

     i love the way each individual package had it's own tiny little extra detail.  i found myself having to refer back to my blog post. "did i mention my love of birds? how did she know?" the peacock feather on the journal was a nice touch, there's a personal story there too.

     in my package were lots of goodies that i regularly use in my making -- E6000, pretty gel pens, little cards to decorate and attach to collages, Tim Holtz stuff...i absolutely love the detail of the crochet piece used for a bird's wing on the journal.  i love the clip art book and word tidbits. the beautiful bookmarks were put to immediate use, and the Christopher Moore book quickly  found a home with its siblings on the bookshelf ;)

     i cooed over the tiny handmade dishes. my husband cooed over one of the ghiradelli squares packaged with a cool mercury glass votive holder..."you know, that's dark chocolate." i just glared at him and pointed to the label, "MOM'S quiet time." i cannot wait to try the violet jelly.  when i was younger, my favorite flavor of the mexican chewing gum that my grandmother would bring me was the "violeta," what an exotic thing to taste something flower flavored.  monday morning when i return to the daily grind of driving around all over creation i will pop in the new music that Missy sent me, and when my 3 yr-old screams his usual protests that i am not playing his favorite Offspring song i will just crank up the volume more.

     my husband made for a nice prop to display my loot as he fell asleep after a busy day.  thank you so much Missy for my box o' fun.  and thank you Val for hosting this swap.  i enjoyed putting together the box i sent as well.  as my littlest one came up to me while creating this post, he saw the photos and remembered "jolly ranchers!"

Friday, March 7, 2014

Thank You Robin!!

I love my package!!!  The Sock monkey was the best of  all!!! I love it all!!   Thank you so much!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thank you Debbie!

A very BIG thank you to Debbie!  I absolutely love my box of goodies!  First and foremost, this beautiful fairy doll named Indigo (after my favorite color!)  The level of detail on her face and hands is exquisite.  And her wings are so delicate and pretty!!!  My daughter caught sight of her- so I had to put her up on a very high shelf in my locked craft room- as to not have her destroyed by a chewing toddler! 

I also received a box of canning jars- always needed here, and always appreciated.  The jars are the squat little ones that will hold something special this summer.  I am thinking a honeysuckle jelly would look pretty in them. 

Also, I asked for- and received- information on learning to knit.  Two instruction books, a step by step picture demo for making a scarf, a reference card for stitches, a gorgeous skein of yarn, and a set of needles.  Now I have no excuse not to learn!

I also got the cutest little rubber duckie- well, to be honest the kid took that immediately! And a little set of candles.  All in all, a fantastic box!  I had so much fun with this swap, and cannot wait for the next one.  Thank you again Debbie, you went above and beyond.  I love every single item. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Perfect Package

Thank you to Sarah K for sending me the perfect package.  It was filled with the things I can't live without. I feel spoiled! Thank you for creating and sending such a wonderful package!  

 Sarah K included a book of fairy tales, Sharpies, a candle, gloves, some fun crafty baubles and a zombie cell phone made from felt.  :)

And she sent me this amazing apron.  Look it has red & white polka dots!  I LOVE my Needful Things package!  Thank you Sarah K! (I  posted a few more pictures on my blog.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a kind of sneak peek

i wanted to post at least a little something.  It has been an interesting 3+ weeks battling sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia, but i am trudging along. while i have not been photographing my progress, i can at least offer one little sneak peak from a past photo.  i made this dress a few years ago from a beautiful circa 1960's Wamsutta cotton print from my grandmother's collection.  after making that full circle skirt there was one precious yard left over.  tomorrow that yard will start it's journey to a new stash.  i hope the new owner will love it as much as i have.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Box - o - goodies has arrived!

Chris sent me a wonderful box full of goodies!

So many fun and creative things.

This caught my eye right away. It's a glass bottle that is shaped to look like a lightbulb (sorry about the sideways view). I think it is supposed to be an oil or vinegar bottle because there is a small hole in the top of it. Doesn't really matter because it will be in my craft room filled with something colorful.

A free spirited, fun, flying fairy that I have named Myrtle. She will be my creative Muse and hang out with me in my sewing space.

A fun and funky zip pouch. Maybe if I put some money in it the money will start to multiply like magic?

I absolutely LOVE these socks!! The monsters are so bright against the black and white. My inner funky side will be glowing when I wear these.

I will be putting up a blog post tomorrow (hopefully) with more pics of the individual items.

Thanks Chris!!