Sunday, March 9, 2014

Box o' fun from Little Messy Missy

     our dear mailman spent over 3 hours stranded, greatly delaying our delivery on friday. as we were leaving the house for my daughter's birthday dinner a couple of my children walked back in the house carrying packages, one of which my son handed to me.  "ooh! i got a package from Messy Missy! she is SO cool! she has chickens too!" i squealed.  my husband said "you'd think it was your birthday too!"
     later that night i was able to take the time to relish the unpacking of a wonderful box of goodies.  of course Dash had to check it for explosives (or at least the presence of other kitties):

   i have to say, with little to go off other than my list of needful things, Missy was very inspired.  my youngest was most impressed with the sprinkling of jolly ranchers.

     i love the way each individual package had it's own tiny little extra detail.  i found myself having to refer back to my blog post. "did i mention my love of birds? how did she know?" the peacock feather on the journal was a nice touch, there's a personal story there too.

     in my package were lots of goodies that i regularly use in my making -- E6000, pretty gel pens, little cards to decorate and attach to collages, Tim Holtz stuff...i absolutely love the detail of the crochet piece used for a bird's wing on the journal.  i love the clip art book and word tidbits. the beautiful bookmarks were put to immediate use, and the Christopher Moore book quickly  found a home with its siblings on the bookshelf ;)

     i cooed over the tiny handmade dishes. my husband cooed over one of the ghiradelli squares packaged with a cool mercury glass votive holder..."you know, that's dark chocolate." i just glared at him and pointed to the label, "MOM'S quiet time." i cannot wait to try the violet jelly.  when i was younger, my favorite flavor of the mexican chewing gum that my grandmother would bring me was the "violeta," what an exotic thing to taste something flower flavored.  monday morning when i return to the daily grind of driving around all over creation i will pop in the new music that Missy sent me, and when my 3 yr-old screams his usual protests that i am not playing his favorite Offspring song i will just crank up the volume more.

     my husband made for a nice prop to display my loot as he fell asleep after a busy day.  thank you so much Missy for my box o' fun.  and thank you Val for hosting this swap.  i enjoyed putting together the box i sent as well.  as my littlest one came up to me while creating this post, he saw the photos and remembered "jolly ranchers!"


Kerry said...

Such an awesome package ..... Missy always does such a fantastic job.
Absolutely love the journal .... so unique :-)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Nice package! Gotta love the family...they always think they can have whatever is in the box. They just don't realize that it is Mommy's special stuff and not for them.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a terrific package. I'm thinking I may have to check into that author now.....hmmmmm

Little Messy Missy said...

So glad you liked everything!!! I thought long and hard about everything that I put into the package...down to the wrapping. I could not mail the ice cream. Sorry ;0)