Friday, December 31, 2010

Such a sweet thought.

Just before Christmas, I received this darling little sweet elf from Kerry. She didn't want me to feel left out since I was not able to participate in the December YOE swap. So very thoughtful of her to do for me. I was tickled to death. I got started in the swap in May and then was not able to do it again until July. Here are some of the ornies I received from different YOE gals. Thanks so much to all of you! For August, I received a crocheted Octopus that was very colorful and my two year old granddaughter took a fancy to it, so I let her take it home, and I have loved the other ornies too.  And  I sure enjoyed participating in the YOE for a half of year anyway. And thanks again to Kerry for thinking of me this month. You are a sweetheart!

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December sent

Here's the silly Elf package I sent to Ramie ... that red thing is supposed to be an elf bootie but I think that was a stretch!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kerry's package to me....

Kerry, shame on me for not remembering to post here...I got the most wonderful elf surprises and my camera went bad and I havent been able to get a picture! Everything is just amazing and so much fun...I am hoping you have a picture to post for me! Thank you so much for all the thought and work you put into your elves........

I'm Late Posting....But, Ever so Grateful!

Messy Missy was my partner for December and I apologize for being so late in posting the picture and the Thank you for the wonderful package she sent me.

The elf ornament is not just a picture of an elf, but each piece is cut out and put on seperately. Missy also made a really cute bracelet and there is a little elf in one of the squares. Thanks for all of the other goodies and the time you put into making them.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In the "Nick" of time

My elf package arrived in just the Nick of time. (get it? Nick of time? a pun on St. Nick. )

Thank you Robin. The cute little elves are just adorable -- the crochet one and the little one from a little pot planter. I saw this one in a tutorial and wanted to make one, but never did. Now I have my very own pot plant elf, with jingle bells and all.
 There was also a gingerbread house ornament and peppermint sticks.

Thanks again so much Robin.

An Enchanted Table...

I thought I'd share with you, my Christmas table centerpiece. My inspiration was taken from our YOE Swap. I loved how it turned out. I found those little gnomes at Cracker Barrel ..... I think they'd look cute on some enchanted pin cushions.

Here's looking forward to an enchanted 2011 and YOE 2!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas The Night Before Christmas .....

... and in through the mailbox sneeked 3 of the cutest little elves. They brought with them many lovely items, that brought big smiles to the faces of the mom and her 2 children!!!!

Just look at how cute those elves are .... faces as cute as that could not possibly cause mischief:-)
Tomorrow morning breakfast pancakes will be perfectly flipped by The Elf Chef himself.
Our own little elves may bake some cupcakes before they depart with Santa tonight .... we'll see if time allows.
My kids were totally spoilt - some lovely marshmallow and candy cane lollipops - notice how they didn't even make it into the photo.
The recipes will be on my New Year Baking List. The tag that she made to accompany all of this loveliness is a work of art - a decoration in itself.
Melinda, you spoilt us rotten - what a wonderful early Christmas gift - thank you sooo much.

Thanks Ramie!

Look at the sweetest Elf ever !! Thank you, Ramie.
I adore this sweet package - the vintage trims are perfect, chocolates to share, DIY ornnaments to keep us busy next week, stickers to embellish those special presents, and a Cajun 1st Aid spice mix my hubby is salivating over. Merry Christmas to all you swappers, and especially Miss Val!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Mail Day!!

I have been having an amazing mail week this week. I love when packages arrive and no bills. Among some other things I ordered, I received a wonderful package from Gin.

I opened the box to find this big bag.

When I started emptying it I found a holiday pillow...

A cute card and glitter nail files...

an adorable hand towel. It must be towel week because a blog friend also sent me a hand/kitchen towel.

I love snowmen and jingle bells so this guy was perfect. He's so cute.

Love this elf. His eyes are mesmerizing...

Gin also included this wonderful tin which held...

this cute guy! I think I might use the tin to hold my tiny hexagons that I am hand sewing.

Gin thank you so much for everything. I love it all!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Happy mail!

A cute little package, totally unexpected arrived in today's mail for me.

Kerri is so talented! Just look at the pin cushion and elf ornament she made me for hosting.

I know Santa is a pincushion, but he is PERFECT in my tree!

Even the packaging is perfect!

Kerri, thank YOU for joining and playing along. And thank you again for these lovely Christmas goodies. I will cherish them!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Elf Has Arrived!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sherry W. for the wonderful Elf package!!! I LOVE it all! I especially love the little clothes and shoes. I am going to keep that up all year round! I hung all the ornaments and am eating the candy right now ;o)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Belated Thanks, Sandy and Courtney!

I am posting VERY belated thanks for my past two partners:

Sandy was my partner in October and she wasn't feeling well. You certainly can't tell from THIS beauty ....
In addition to trims, cherry embellishment (I LOVE cherries), a candy dish of taffy AND a packet of fat quarters(!)(!), she made THIS sweet red/white owl ornie

my FAVORITE color combo!!

Darling Courtney sent me handmade deer ornaments in last months swap .. isn't the painted Christmas light bulb so unique! My daughter immediately claimed dips on the ring pop lip glosses. THANK YOU Courtney!!

Here's what I sent to Courtney ... a couple of reindeer ornaments, window clings, M&M reindeer, comfy reindeer socks, and my own handmade
big red-nosed reindeer!!

Thanks for the fun, Val!!

My Heart Is Full....

... of gratitude for all the special girls who have been part of creating this corner of Christmas in our home.

Month after month I've been blown away by the creativity and generosity of our group of girls. This YOE Swap has been a bright light in an otherwise tough year for our family - a big thank you to a special group of girls for making that happen.

To our host Val - what can I say other than you're the BEST!!!! You created an enchanted year for all of us.

Wishing you and your families the best Christmas ever and a 2011 full of enchantment:-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Elf time

This has been a super YOE year. One last package to send and receive. Thank you Val for such fun projects you made us do!!!

So here is a little peek at some of my Elf creativity that will be shipping out. An elf should have an extra pair of shoes, right?
Merry Christmas to all you great swappers out there.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Y.O. E.

My YOE tree is up and looking GOOD! I don't remember whose idea it was to put up a YOE tree but I am so glad I did......

from a distance...

a close up of my gnomie home...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lots of deer in the my mailbox

Sherry managed to pack lots of fun little deer in my mailbox this month.

The most important lol. The boys were quick to fight over this. Of course Momma won and it is still sitting on my TV table FULL. Ha! Take that boys. (I call Hubby and Robbie-11 the boys)

Aren't these cards precious? I would love to make handmade cards but I really don't need a new hobby.

These guys look like they were made from scrapbooking paper.

I LOVE things with jingle bells.

These are wooden ornaments. I was looking for something like these at a craft store but didn't see any.

Reindeer and Christmas lights. Love the fuzzy nose and eyelashes.

Matchbox ornaments. More jingle bells :0)

and a cute little deer inside.

Thanks Sherry!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Doorprize winner and a few other things..

GOSH!! Time sure has escaped me, I JUST remembered to draw for the November doorprize. However, by default, lucky Natalie is the winner because she was the only one to comment that hadn't won yet.

Congratulations Natalie!!! Please email me your address....again. ;)

And....Another blog I follow just posted about a WHOLE BUNCH of FREE CHRISTMAS TAGS , links and all, to print off for your Christmas gifts. Some are even enchanting!!

Last but not least....Thank you, THANK YOU Kerry for your very enchanting, and well themed, reindeer ornies and goodies. I had hoped to post a pic of it all soon, but due to technological difficulties (i.e. broken laptop, new laptop we're going to return, broken old camera, new camera with no memory card) I have not photo'd it...or anything else crafty I have been working on this past month....therefore have no pic to show for it...yet. I WILL post about it, though, as soon as we figure out our technology stuffs. can be very discouraging....I haven't even been able to keep up my blog, and I was hoping to put up a tutorial on how to make the reindeer ornies. For now, I'm limited to just typing.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Elf tutorials and ideas

Check out this tutorial from busylittleelf:

look at this redwork pattern! It is free at allsorts.


and here is a tutorial on needle felted elves, complete with pattern

Needlefelted Elf Ornaments

this one is from craft elf

pattern & sewing instructions to make an elf Christmas ornament

and look here for these cute paper doll elves

chickpeastudio has these elves that you can make smaller...she has a tutorial!!!


and these are found at hubpages...

and flickr has a whole page to check out here

has these....again, you'd have to improvise but aren't they cute!


wee wonderfuls has free embroidery patterns (kinda big...but you could shrink them!)


thelongthread shares a tutorial for this ornament but with a change of colors, Santa turns into an elf! She has some AMAZING things on her blog...go stalk around a bit!


princessnimblethimble has wonderful bendy doll elves...and shares a
tutorial on flickr


and this most adorable knit elf is at spud&chloe. I do wish I knit sometimes!

and a crocheted one too....pattern is for sale...

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern PDF - A Little Elf named Big Foot

I hope these give you some ideas!