Thursday, December 16, 2010

Belated Thanks, Sandy and Courtney!

I am posting VERY belated thanks for my past two partners:

Sandy was my partner in October and she wasn't feeling well. You certainly can't tell from THIS beauty ....
In addition to trims, cherry embellishment (I LOVE cherries), a candy dish of taffy AND a packet of fat quarters(!)(!), she made THIS sweet red/white owl ornie

my FAVORITE color combo!!

Darling Courtney sent me handmade deer ornaments in last months swap .. isn't the painted Christmas light bulb so unique! My daughter immediately claimed dips on the ring pop lip glosses. THANK YOU Courtney!!

Here's what I sent to Courtney ... a couple of reindeer ornaments, window clings, M&M reindeer, comfy reindeer socks, and my own handmade
big red-nosed reindeer!!

Thanks for the fun, Val!!