Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zombie Estelle

Look at what I received from our new swapper!   Clare, you most certainly outdid yourself !

I love this sweet little girl....

and all the goodies are amazing!  I am already using the tote bag!  The pumpkins are awaiting my Halloween decorations and the little pumpkin box had some m&ms in it!

The little "wagby" thing?  Well, let's just show it off, shall we?

 Osa LOVES it!  She prances around like she is miss fancy pants!

Thank you Clare!


Kerry said...

What a cutie Patootie your little zombie girl is :-)
Such fun tuck ins too ..... and little Osa looks exceptionally excited about her new get ups :-)
Awesome job Claire :-)

jillytacy said...

Great zombie package! Love your sweet little zombie and all the goodies too. Osa is looking quite lovely, she really is so cute!!

Clare said...

Osa looks great! She really is adorable. I hope you like your new little zombie doll . . . I think she will be very happy in your pumpkin patch. I am so glad that I joined this swap - looking forward to doing it again. Have a a great day!

A Little Creation said...

Osa is an adorable goof!
hris =]

Debbie said...

What a great package!! We have such a talented group of artists participating in these swaps! Osa is so darn cute!!