Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amazing Swap Package Alert!!

My amazing swap partner Kerry sent me the above package. It was so beautiful, full of glittery skulls and so many cool presents to open! It made my day. I knew it would be amazing because it was from Kerry but WOW -  it is beyond amazing!

Here is the star of the show, my amazing zombie! Isn't he cool. I love his hair, the cool screws in his head, actually I love everything about him! Kerry you are so talented! I am always so in awe of what you do. Thank you for making me the coolest Zombie ever! He is fabulous. I love his painted body and sculpted face his furry hair and cool, unblinking eye! He is truly a work of art!

This darling dish towel is just fabulous. I love the skulls with roses - seriously, who wouldn't? 

Zombie Virus Cannister -awesome and to make it even more awesome - it is filled with yummy dark chocolates!! My favorite! 

I am a huge Walking Dead and now also Fear the Walking Dead fan. I've see every episode of both shows and this made me cheer. I can't help it. I love the zombie paradigm. It's just such an interesting scenario. Of course that is why I participate in Zombie swaps and make zombie dolls!

Here is the package with everything unwrapped. I was so excited when I saw that journal, I couldn't wait to show everyone. It is even more beautiful in person! I didn't get a good picture of the journal but it is stunning!! To see a better picture checkout Kerry's Blog

Thank you Kerry for sending me a swoon worthy swap package :0) 



jillytacy said...

Great package! Kerry is a zombie making genious!!! I'm a lover of cute zombies and shy away from creepy but this is the most awesome zombie! LOVE it!

Kerry said...

So glad you liked him Debbie ..... He was a blast to make :-)
Our Zombie Swap is one of my crafting highlights each year ...... so much fun, and so much talent.
Hope you have an awesome Halloween :-)

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Not sure where to sign up for the ornament swap but I want to do it again.

Kerry said...

Karen - if you go to Val's Blog (, it gives you all of the details, as well as her email address, to let her know that you want to take part.

A Little Creation said...

Awesome Doll! Kerry is a great artist.
Chris =]