Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling Enchanted?

2010 is almost here!

With it, I invite you to join me on a little is limited to a total of 13 people (myself included.)
For this year, I am having a limited swap. The same people participate each month and I simply switch up who you are partnered with.
Email me NOW if you want in....but before you do, remember this:

You are committing to an ornament swap

Through sickness and in health...for richer or get the picture.

"A Year of Enchantment" goes a bit like this...

Each month, I'll post the ornament 'theme' on the blog. I'll email you each with your partner for THAT month's swap.

I'll also post an activity and a challenge. They will not be part of the swap, don't worry! They are basically suggestions for you to help you slow down and enjoy yourself a bit...
It is up to you to decide what you have the time to do.

Remember to post about your creations and any activities you do on the blog.

The only thing you HAVE to do each month is the swap.
Some months you may be able to do all three things.

The idea is simple. To immerse yourself back into the beauty of nature and to try and smell the roses along the way.
Life can be so tough and we fly through our days and weeks and months and have nothing but new wrinkles to show for it.

Some rules:

You must promise to send your package out before or on the 3rd Saturday of each month, for the entire year!
You must promise to use delivery confirmation
You must promise to keep your package to no more than the ornament and maybe a couple little goodies. With us having 12 of these, we don't need to go BROKE in the process...remember we have to add shipping!
You must promise to HANDCRAFT your ornie and make it beautiful...something you would LOVE to get in return.
You must promise not to flake if you don't like that month's theme.
You must promise to at least LOOK at the activities and challenges. I've put a LOT of work into this idea and it is my desire that you'll all slow down just a bit and enjoy at least 1 or 2 of them.

*due to the fact that this is a limited swap, I cannot allow a 'newbie' in without someone else vouching for them. Please understand this is for the protection of all participants and not meant to offend any one person.

I already have a few ladies who emailed me asking when we are starting. I will post the first theme JANUARY 1ST!!!

This swap will close when 12 more people have joined OR December 30th. If I do not have enough participants by December 30th, I will cancel and change it into a craft along instead.

If you are IN, for SURE, without a DOUBT, email me at
valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with the following:

1. your full name
2. your address and phone (I won't abuse this)
3. your blog MUST have a blog and it MUST be posted to regularly. Flickr, etc will not suffice.
4. your favorite colors
5. colors you detest (yes, that is a strong word but if you LOATHE a color, you don't want your ornament made with it.)
6. a list of 10-20 little goodies you like. For example, bookmarks, hershey kisses, tea, ribbon...etc. Think of little inexpensive things someone can slip into your package without costing them alot.
7. a short list of things you hate...again, if you HATE hot tea, your partner won't want to make the mistake of sending it to you. If you don't care, then just put 'don't care' in that section.

That's it!


AwtemNymf said...

Me me me me me! I'm in please!

I'll email you answering the questionnaire soon! :O)

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

This sounds very exciting! Since I am a "newbie" and have never swapped with your group of ladies (but do follow along) I will watch the blog and see what other things you are up too :)

Ruhammie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm considering it. I'll make my decision after Christmas and send you a message either way!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Are there numerous "Vals?" You must be on meds or are truly crazy. How do you do all this? I hope when I grow up I can be just like you!