Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swappers Swapped!

Isn't this little duo amazing!? Wicked Nadine sent it to me as a surprise...I can't WAIT to wear the pin....and the beverage cuff has already been used!

Thank you Nadine!

Now, on to the good news... All our packages have been sent and received!

Thank you ALL for joining my latest little swap.

I have another swap ready to post......it will be up soon in case any of you are interested.
If not, please send any crafty friend over to check it out.
It will also be a small swap of no more than 20ish crafters........

Boos and Hisses! Val

ps....please remember to post any fun Halloween ideas and/or your swap packages!


Sherry said...

Super "Wicked" gift! Great swap and I'm glad it went well for everyone!

Thanks again Val!

gin said...