Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you Niki

My March mushroom YOE arrived today. My package was filled with beads, lace, cute heart buttons, more beads, little duck, elephant rubber stamp, tassels, and some other goodies.

And, these were my mushroom ornies. I love the prints,. Real cute.  Thanks Niki.

This is the ornie I sent Niki.

And I included some rubber stamps, a huge Easter egg filled with candy, and some colorful pony tail holders for her lovely daughters.

And, just a little fairy flashback. This is the fairy I sent my partner in February -- full of ribbon and beads.

My April ornie package goes in the mail this week, and ready for May....


Yarni Gras! said...

oh my gosh! These are all soooo cute! I almost made my fairy out of a polly pocket but couldn't find one! cute :-)

Louisiana Momma said...

I got that pretty pink fairy.. I thought i had blogged it here... I just posted a pic of my YOE tree and you can see her there :-)