Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December package from Niki

Niki's elf package to me came in the mail today. She was my partner in December but hurt her arm and couldn't create anything. She sent me some fun traveling gnome fabric in place of an ornament.
I'm thinking it will be turned into a travel bag (appropriate?....) or a tote bag.

and since gnomes never travel alone, she included some other goodies too:
a couple teeny spools of ribbon, some scraping stuff, a FQ of pretty fabric, some post it notes and a wee flashlite....oh, and chocolates.....yum!

Thanks Niki!


Kerry said...

I love that fabric - I treated myself to a little of it before Christmas .... now it's deciding just what to make with it:-)
Niki, hope your arm feels better soon.

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, no...what did I miss I supposed to be sending an ornament to someone I don't know of?

When do I send my ornament and to whom?