Friday, June 3, 2011

Better late than gnever...

Due to some unforeseen life circumstances, I was granted a little more time to complete my gnome home for Kerry. I mailed it a week or two ago and thought I'd post pics of it now...

This little gnome is taking a snooze near a couple of toadstools and under a beaded rainbow. He's scuplted from air dry clay, so are the mushrooms. Then I squeezed them all through the top of a clear glass ornament top! That whole challenge ended up being REALLY fun.

I also included one of my owls, a dove bar, two vintage layered button magnets and a gnome plaque.

Kerry, I hope it arrived safely and that you enjoyed it all!! I wrapped it pretty carefully.


val said...


Kerry said...

Ramie thank you sooo much for my gorgeous package. I did email you to say it had arrived, but I've just found it undelivered -
i'm so sorry.
The little gnome home did arrive broken, but with your photo and all of the cute little pieces, I'm going to recreate it as soon as the glass ornament balls arrive in the store.
I love your little owl ... he's sitting on top of my sewing machine watching proceedings:-)
THANK YOU so much for a wonderful package - you made me smile:-)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love it all!