Thursday, July 28, 2011

August's theme!

Ready for a challenge?

Think of all the sweet fairy tales we read as children....
and think of how many have been turned into movies....
and think of how many had singing FROGS in them! Or frogs that were princes/princesses! (if you were me you'd also think of the campy flick FROGS!)

Hmmmm.....getting the idea?


frog prince vector

August's ornament theme: a frog, a frog prince, a frog princess, a dancing frog.
August's activity: rent the flick or read the book...
August's challenge: REALLY? Isn't this ornie CHALLENGE enough?


Okay then, create a toad adobe somewhere in your yard/garden or on your patio.
Pick someplace that will attract flying creepies that toads and frogs want to munch on. Add a flipped over broken pot for shelter and a bit of water and you are done! Leaky faucets are very popular with toads and frogs.

"Up high the flies are playing
and frolicking and swaying.
The frog thinks, DANCE...
I know you'll end up here below!"
- Wilhem Busch


Sherry said...

LOVE the August theme!

jillytacy said...

This should be fun! I'll start thinking about what to create.

Louisiana Momma said...

ohhh frogs!! sounds like fun!!

Little Messy Missy said...

I am in! Sounds great!!!