Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here a piggy there a piggy!

Hey all.. I've been a little ill with food poisoning this past week so I am a little tardy in getting my pics up.. I think my partner has been having similar issues so I am posting up both our  pics b/c we have both received our packages.. here is what I sent - I sent a crocheted piggy ornament, hot cocoa and some stencils (she likes to paint furniture):

This is the package that I received - she cross stitched my piggy:

Thanks Mikki and thank you to Val for keeping this thing going for a 3rd year :)


Kerry said...

Cute ... Cute ...
I love the little crocheted piggy, and the cross stitch one is super cute too:-)

val said...

how cute! I hope you are feeling better :-)

micki @ ADD housewife said...

Thanks! Plus our swap mama forgot to authorize me to post lol

I had fun cross stitching. I haven't done it in 14+ years which is why I started small :)