Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thank you Debbie!

A very BIG thank you to Debbie!  I absolutely love my box of goodies!  First and foremost, this beautiful fairy doll named Indigo (after my favorite color!)  The level of detail on her face and hands is exquisite.  And her wings are so delicate and pretty!!!  My daughter caught sight of her- so I had to put her up on a very high shelf in my locked craft room- as to not have her destroyed by a chewing toddler! 

I also received a box of canning jars- always needed here, and always appreciated.  The jars are the squat little ones that will hold something special this summer.  I am thinking a honeysuckle jelly would look pretty in them. 

Also, I asked for- and received- information on learning to knit.  Two instruction books, a step by step picture demo for making a scarf, a reference card for stitches, a gorgeous skein of yarn, and a set of needles.  Now I have no excuse not to learn!

I also got the cutest little rubber duckie- well, to be honest the kid took that immediately! And a little set of candles.  All in all, a fantastic box!  I had so much fun with this swap, and cannot wait for the next one.  Thank you again Debbie, you went above and beyond.  I love every single item. 


jillytacy said...

The doll is beautiful!

AutumnWind said...

I am so glad you like the package. I had a great time putting it together for you :0)

val said...

what a beautiful fairy!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Indigo is a gorgeous fairy. The little ones always seem to go after the special and breakable things.