Monday, July 21, 2014

Better late than never

my many apologies for taking so long to share with y'all the cute little guy that i received from Spring for our nursery rhyme zombie doll swap.  last week's "cold front" (daytime high of 89, but less humid than normal) motivated me to get out to the garage where the bulk of my art supplies live and take a few photos.

let me introduce Jack, who appears to have been headed out on a 2 yr mission, but was waylaid by zombies. i love the inclusion of some tapered candles, inspiring the perfect (at least the idea in my head was perfect) photo shoot.

he brought with him some goodies.  there was some candy in there, but it has been some time since i received Jack, and well..

i was thrilled by the burlap rice bag that everything was contained in.  when i opened up the box my 16 yr-old son looked at me expectantly and i said to him "i said that the next one i BUY, besides, this is a different variety, and a gift, so back off."

just the day before, my neighbor gave me a different Royal Basmati bag, and when i walked in the house with it, my son (gazing upon it most covetously) said "that's the same one my dad has and carries stuff around in."  so i told him that the next time i had to buy long grain rice i would buy the same brand and give him the bag. and now i have a set -- or the beginning of a collection, because that's what we do, isn't it?

thank you Spring.  i know you put much thought into this swap, even with all the things that life throws at us. and thank you Valerie for hosting these swaps.  dealing with daily life, the plates full of elephant, and the occasional wrench thrown into our works, it sure is nice to feel the sense of accomplishment that completing a project like this brings.

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Yarni Gras! said...

How cute! I love seeing the set up of him jumping over the candlestick!