Thursday, October 20, 2016

We're not in Kansas anymore...

  Now that my partner has received her package I can show what I made. Mandy was wanting a Zombie Wizard of Oz doll and I just happened to have a 1976 Bucilla Tin Man craft kit, and no memory of why I bought it in the first place, it was Karma.

Photo 1 is what it was suppose to look like and Photo 2 is what I did to it.

A couple of the tuck-in's I made (big cat not included).
  The Wizard of Oz image I found on line and added it to a frame I painted. The doll head is a "non-traditional" flower pot.

I look forward to doing this swap every year.
Chris =]


Yarni Gras! said...

Oh my gosh that is great!!!!!!!!

Clare said...

What a great doll . . . and the tuck ins are wonderful too! Love that head planter. :)

Kerry said...

Oh how cute !!!