Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April's theme and partners!

April ornament: Songbird ....a small bird that lives in the forest or meadow.

(Not water fowl or raptor...) Think of Cinderella's little bird friends that made her ball gown!

April challenge: embroidery or some other type of embellishment

April activity:

Hang a bag of bird nesting materials in a tree near a water or food source.
Be sure to include brightly colored bits of yarn and other sparkly things to attract their attention!
Some good materials are dryer lint, bits of hay and raffia, ribbon, grasses, feathers, and fabric selvages in small pieces.
I use an old onion or tomato bag and just weave a piece of yarn through the top to close it.

Extra activity: For those who created a Fairy House, this is the perfect time to plant
seeds around your fairy house to create a fairy garden.

"Raindrops are like fairy whispers."
April's Partners:

Val and Kim
Sandy and Anna
Ramie and Gin
Melinda and Jenny
Kerry and Robin
Jeanne and Sherry
Courtney and Missy
Nikki and Natalie


Chickens in the Basement said...

Back to my comfort zone! Embroidery makes me happy, as do birds. This is going to be fun!

Thanks Val!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

OK, time to show my limited knowledge in some areas. Is a songbird a species of bird or are we just talking about the little birds that love to sing? Like Robins ;)

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Okay so when you guys do this again next year I would love to be in on it! ;0) So many cute things!

Kerry said...

I second Missy............. i think we need to do this all over again next year. I am having a blast!!!!

nattyj said...

birdies! Oh, how I love birdies!
And embroidery! Just my thang!

gin said...

I love birds and embroidery too.
I imagine there are going to be some beautiful birds in the making!!!

Ruhammie said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some tutorials or project pics...know any?? I'm leaning towards sewing but am tempted to fight that feeling. :)