Thursday, July 29, 2010

August's Theme!

When I was in my late teen's, I used to go scalloping with friends in Port St. Joe, Florida.
One time, I found a small octopus inside a shell I had picked up. I slid it out onto the palm of my hand. It sat there a moment and then slithered across my hand back into the water. It was so amazing. Ever since that time, I've been captivated by these intelligent, beautiful, and sometimes deadly, creatures.
I'm not alone...from fairy tales to scary classics, in books and movies, octopus have played a big part in many legends.....

August ornament: octopus

August challenges:
1. give it suckers!!!
use future girl's Sigmund pattern. Alice of Future girl is SO excited about this and plans to follow along and do a peep show post with them! Just check the box and enter your email addy, then the down-loadable pattern pops up at the top of her page.

August activities:
Say goodbye to your gnome or another hand made softie and drop it off for a child to find for the Toy Society!

Email me photos/info once done and I'll post it to the Toy Society blog for you!
Please include:
number of toys
made and dropped by(your name and blog)
and (you) say:(how you felt, the weather, etc.)

Capt Nemo observing giant octopus

"Oh! I love hugging! I wish I was an octopus so I could hug 10 people at a time!"
Drew Barrymore

August's partners!

Val & Kerry
Robin & Michele
Nikki & Melinda
Shawnee & Jenny
Sandy & Courtney
Natalie & Kim
Sherry & Gin
Ramie & Missy B.


Niki said...

OMG! Sigmund is adorable!! I found another great octopus pattern at Moda Bake Shop

gin said...

Ooooo, I knew (hoped) it would be an octopus from the hint on your other post. I downloaded my pattern and can't wait!!