Friday, July 30, 2010

An Elegant Enchanted Snail Package

Michele was my partner for the snail swap and she has an elegance about her and she is very generous! Every month in these swaps I feel so spoiled! Everyone is so generous and so creative in their packages.

Here is the package Michele sent. The cutest little basket and lots of pretty things, including a pretty handmade card from Michele.

the snail that Michele made is so pretty with the lace going down the back and little flowers. The picture doesn't show how pretty the snail really is.

The pretty paper flower, vintage "S", a gorgeous necklace, a snail pill box and a little vintage pill holder. The necklace has a beautiful shell on it.

and a pretty jar filled with odds and ends of lace and pretty edgings.

Thank you Michele for a wonderful swap!
Okay, I just have to include this little bit of coincidental info about me and Michele.

We both have 8 kids and 11 grandkids.

I thought it was kinda neat!


Something Special said...

Sherry, thanks so much for posting this, I had forgotten all of the little things I had put into the package. It was a very fun theme. I am excited for the "octopus theme" next month!

Something Special said...

Yes, there are not many people out there with 8 children now a days. I loved my package so much from Sherry too!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh you are right, that is so lovely...and the snail is just so pretty!