Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back up to July and Snails

I liked how the snail turned out that I made for my partner in July,
and decided I needed one too. I really could use another pincushion, so
decided that this snail would be a pincushion. This time instead of
using felt as the snail body, I found a heart shaped doily and just cut
it up the middle and overlapped the back. I like the way it turned
out, so thought I would post it here. I never would have thought of
making snails, but with the assignment, I got into a real snailly mood!

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val said...

that is PRECIOUS! I think snails are too cute....I just don't want them in my garden :-)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

What a great idea! The doily gives it that wavy look that you see in cartoons and such.

We have lots of snails around ou house but they are those really tiny ones. They crawl up the walls o the house and even attach themselves to the car tires. Silly snails must have a need for speed lol.