Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Doorprize winner and a few other things..

GOSH!! Time sure has escaped me, I JUST remembered to draw for the November doorprize. However, by default, lucky Natalie is the winner because she was the only one to comment that hadn't won yet.

Congratulations Natalie!!! Please email me your address....again. ;)

And....Another blog I follow just posted about a WHOLE BUNCH of FREE CHRISTMAS TAGS , links and all, to print off for your Christmas gifts. Some are even enchanting!!

Last but not least....Thank you, THANK YOU Kerry for your very enchanting, and well themed, reindeer ornies and goodies. I had hoped to post a pic of it all soon, but due to technological difficulties (i.e. broken laptop, new laptop we're going to return, broken old camera, new camera with no memory card) I have not photo'd it...or anything else crafty I have been working on this past month....therefore have no pic to show for it...yet. I WILL post about it, though, as soon as we figure out our technology stuffs. can be very discouraging....I haven't even been able to keep up my blog, and I was hoping to put up a tutorial on how to make the reindeer ornies. For now, I'm limited to just typing.

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nattyj said...

YAY! So so happy to have won your Doorprize Ramie! Email coming your way! x