Saturday, March 5, 2011


Call them what you like -- Mr. & Mrs.,  Ken & Barbie, Luke & Laura, Jack & Jill, Brad & Jolie -- but they are my hedghogg ornaments for the month of March.
I lost the site where I found the pattern for these. They are crocheted and I used the Lion Brand Fun Fur to crochet the spines. The pattern called for the eyelash yarn, which I could not find. It looks a little longer in the pattern picture than what I used  Notice the silver bow in the Mrs.' pink spines.

Now I have to find the book  The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy winkle and read it with these two this week.
And perhaps make the hedgehogg pincushion and March will be completely done.


val said...

total cuteness and those hedgies are cute too!

PeggyR said...

Those are too cute!

Melinda Cornish said...

oh gin, these are wonderful! so are those little guys!