Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Dressed For Winter Package

I am so late in posting this and I apologize to Kerry. 
Since the first of the year we have had a string of bad luck.
Earl lost his second job, we had to move, my mom was in the hospital, Earl had a mild heart attack, our basement in the new house flooded, my dad's cancer has spread and he only has a few weeks left, I went home to Kansas for a week (that's a good thing!) then yesterday one grandson was in the hospital and our new grandson that was born yesterday had to have 2 blood transfusions (he's doing okay now though!).
Anyway, I apologize to Kerry for the delay and to Missy....I'll post yours tomorrow.

 Kerry made this beautiful little snowflake fairy ornament for me
and then a really pretty bird house and snowman pincushion.

 Kerry also sent some needles, thread and embroidery ironons
and some really pretty handmade cards.

and then this beautiful super thick knitted scarf.  Our new house is so cold so I wore it a lot the first few weeks just so I would be cuddly warm.

Thanks Kerry for everything!!!


jillytacy said...

Wow that's a lot to deal with! I hope things start looking up for you and your family!

val said...

oh Sherry, I hope things start to look up for you. What a nice ornie package to make you smile :-)

Kerry said...

Glad you liked it all:-)
Please don't worry about posting so late ..... your plate is over flowing right now.
Our family will keep your Dad and family in our prayers.