Monday, May 2, 2011

Bird's Nest Goodies Received

This month I was partnered with the fabulous Melinda C.

This is the marvelous package Melinda sent to me. The bird's nest is on a clothes pin so it can clip to the tree. She also sent these amazing tags she made and this bird pendant. Not only did she create these amazing goodies but she did it all while moving into a new house this month and having to search through packed boxes for craft supplies! Thank you Melinda for the extra effort!! I love my goodies!!!

This is a closeup of the bird's nest. It's beautiful!

This is a close up of the bird pendant. Sorry you have to turn your head sideways Blogger was giving me a hard time and wouldn't load the picture in the right direction. I'm excited for Melinda to see what I made! Hopefully Melinda will get her package on Friday or Saturday so I can share pictures.


val said...

oh, I love everything! Melinda sure knows how to spoil people!

gin said...

cute cute.