Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June's theme!

With the onset of spring, I look forward to the return of many things...one of which is the ladybug.

Ladybugs are known as a symbol of good luck and health and a always welcome in the garden.

June's ornament: The lady bug
June's challenge: create a ladybug house for winter and hang somewhere sheltered from the elements.

June's activity: host a
lady bug ball or go lady bug hunting

"Never hurt a ladybug
We need them in the garden
Ladybugs help flowers grow
So please give them pardon!"
~Author Unknown


jillytacy said...

Ladybugs are one of my favorite bugs! I can't wait to get started on ornament ideas. Are we swapping this month?

Kerry said...

I am super excited about this theme:-D
Such sweet little things, those ladtbugs are.