Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm one lucky frog

My froggy swap gift came today from Sherry W. and I must honestly say that I belief I may have received the best swap gift ever...oh, what wonderfully creative and unique items. Gizzy helped me unpack the box:

This is very exciting! I'm so smitten with this crocheting frog who has beads attached to the yarn saying "rip-it"... how clever is that? She's going to be my constant crochet partner with her big, toothy smile - reminding me that if at first you don't succeed, just rip-it and try again :-)

I can't get over the detail and workmanship Sherry put into making those two decorated match boxes. They're simply adorable and they even have little surprises inside. Here's the frog prince and his loot:

and this is the adorable froggy witch:

I just love those three little draw string pouches with the lovely froggy material and the pretty blue inside. They are very well made and so cheerful looking:

(this photo is of the two smaller ones, but I got a bigger one too)

I also got four gift tags with various "froggy" inscriptions:

It's hard to read them on the photo, the different froggy sayings are: "Toad-ally happy for you" - "You make my heart leap!" - Sorry I frog-ot" and "You're un-frog-gettable" - isn't that clever?

I'm blown away with these wonderful gifts. I'm pretty sure I don't deserve them all, but I'm accepting them anyway with thanks, admiration (for your talent, Sherry) and appreciation. It's Christmas in September! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sherry - you outdid yourself!


Sherry said...

I'm so glad you finally received the package and I'm really glad you like it! My 11 year old loves when I make a big mistake when I'm crocheting so she can "rip-it" all out. Thanks for swapping with me!


Yarni Gras! said...

Sherry never fails to impress...such great workmanship and creativity!

Kerry said...

What a great package!!!
Sherry, I love your frog - so cute:-)

jillytacy said...

Great package! Gizzy is adorable!