Thursday, September 29, 2011

October's theme!

From ugly ducklings to princesses, swans are in many fairy tales...and rightfully so. They are such lovely creatures, it is easy to see how they are inspiring to writers.

October's ornament: swan
October's challenge: make 2 ornaments.... 1 white swan, 1 black swan
October's activity: read a swan story with someone...or just by yourself.

Here are just a few to choose from:
The Wild Swans
The Ugly Duckling
Trumpet of the Swan
Swan Princess
The 7 Swans
Swan Lake
The Black Swan
The 6 Swans
Swan Maidens
The Red Swan

020-Los cisnes salvajes-The Fairy Tale Book-Adrienne Segur / Cesar Ojeda

“I will play the swan, And die in music.”
William Shakespeare


Doris Sturm said...

Swans are beautiful...this will be a challenge for me as a crocheter because I've never crocheted one before, but I'm game! Count me in :-)

gin said...

Where is October??? But I'll do November now.

jillytacy said...

This will be fun. Sadly I'm still finishing my own seed ornament. It's almost done then I can start to think about swans. I've always loved the story of the Ugly duckling.