Friday, October 28, 2011

November's theme

When I was young, I was lucky to live in Germany for a few years.

In one town, my best friend lived through a little wooded area. The only way to her house from mine was to either go through the woods or around town. I would go through the woods and over a little brook....I loved walking to her house and listening to the little critters scurry around.

In another town, our housing was on old farm land. The developers had left a plum orchard intact. To get to school, you could go through the orchard and save time or go around the orchard. I always loved to go through it....not to save time, but to play in the orchard.

I would climb those plum trees and eat myself sick. I would fall out of those same trees....and climb right back up them! I would sit in the trees and think, I would hide in them, I would cry in them. I spent a LOT of time in plum trees for those years!

Trees are definitely enchanting...they grow from tiny seeds, they bear edible seeds and fruits, they offer shelter for birds and other creatures.

November's ornament: A TREE.
November's challenge: give your tree a wee inhabitant...maybe a little squirrel or partridge or wood gnome.....?
November's activity: drop off a can of food at a local church or food bank.

"There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it." ~Minnie Aumonier


Little Messy Missy said...

Please count me in, trees sound like a fabulous challenge.

jillytacy said...

Great theme! I think trees are very enchanted. Count me in for a swap on this theme.