Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank you Jill and more!!

I don't know if you guys are aware but Jill is super awesome at clay work AND zentangles.. check out my swan package!!!

Jill was very generous as well!! She sent me some stamps, pretty ribbon, and even a cool knit washcloth!! I dont knit (but i do crochet) so it was cool to see it done a different way and will be used ASAP!!

Also here are closer views of the really cool ornaments:

Thanks for a super wonderful swap! I am not swapping in Nov and Dec this year b/c I have a two week vacation and a million and one things to make for my family for Christmas.. so I want to get a little bit of a jump rather than scrambling to get those and my swap packages out.  This has been another lovely year with YOE (my second) and I whole- heartedly look forward to a third!!  Thank you to all my partners - you have all send such wonderful things to me !! And a big hug and thanks to Val for keeping this going and making it a positive experience all the way around.. See yall at the first of the year may you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!!!!!!!!!!!


jillytacy said...

I'm glad they arrived in one piece. I had lots of fun creating them. I really wanted to make something out of felt for you because I know you like felt too, but didn't get to it. Maybe next year in YOE3! Thanks for swapping with me!!

Little Messy Missy said...

I LOVE t5hose zentagles!!!