Thursday, November 3, 2011


*** I know my partner Doris is having a hard time with her sick "doggie baby" Gizzy. Please stop by her blog and check on her. 

My USPS confirmation says my partner  has received her package, so I wanted to share the swans I sent her before we get into the tree postings. My idea was to use a fall seasonal item for a swan. I thought gourds looked like a swan with the long crooked neck.  So I painted one up and adhesived some feathers to it for its wings. I was amazed myself how cute it looked.

Also, I made her a "flying stuffed softie swan" with adhesived feathers and beaded feet. 
I hope they made it safely with no loose feathers.


Kerry said...

I love the gourd idea .... it made a perfect swan!!!
The beaded legs on the other swan are too precious .... great job Gin:-)

Doris Sturm said...

thank you sooooo much for the lovely package - sorry I've not posted the photos myself, but I've been so absorbed with my dog's kidney failure and I'm so down hearted about it, my whole life has turned upside down...

val said...

these are gorgeous!

jillytacy said...

Very cute! I love the gourd swan!

Doris, sorry to hear about your doggie. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.