Friday, February 28, 2014

Maggie Mayflower ..... And Much, Much More ....

We are twins separated at birth - I'm convinced of it :-) ...... We like so many of the same things, and my swap package just proves it !!!!


I was spoilt rotten with everything she sent me. So go and grab yourself a cup of tea ...maybe a cookie too .... and prepare to feast your eyes (and drool just a little), as I share my treasures with you !!!!

 Meet Maggie Mayflower - the most adorable Zombie ever !!! She was spared a terrible fate !!! She is another treasured Zombie to my ever growing collection. I adore her :-)

 For my garden ... Oh Spring is soooo close !!! Time is almost here to start preparing the ground. Digging and tidying my beds, so that I can plant this years crop. I can barely wait. This lovely journal will be My Garden Journal !!! It will hold important facts .... empty seed packets ... pictures and recipes. It will hold The Story Of My Garden on its pages.

 Trim .... Oh how I love trim !!! I see Zombie Doll Clothes ..... Handmade Pillows .... Embellished Tote Bags ....

 Fairy House Goodies ..... This is uncharted territory for me, but I can barely wait to get started !!!

A good book. What a coincidence ..... I went to see a movie today, and one of the movie trailers shown was for the movie based on this book (has a movie trailer ever made you sob like a baby ..... this one did !!!) I wrote the books title down, so I could put it on my "Must Buy" list ...... Can't wait to start reading it !!!

Val .... Thank You just doesn't seem enough !!! I love my package ..... you brought a ton of sunshine to my day :-)


val said...

I am so happy you like everything. I know Maggie will be happy with you!

Little Messy Missy said...

Looks awesome! xoxoxox

jillytacy said...

Maggie Mayflower is so adorable, I love her!