Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thank You Micki =]

I got my box today!
-  Thanks for the great TARDIS apron!!! I'm going to hang it with the rest of my Dr. Who collection. (Tell you kids I'm sorry) =]

-  A co-worker was showing off her collapsible lunch container last week, this week I can show off mine.

-  I have an empty wine barrel planter and now have some lettuce and spinach seeds to grow.

-  The tea samples smell wonderful and the apple cider will be a tasty addition to the Girl Scout Mother /Daughter tea I'm hosting in May. The tea strainer is much easier to use than the one I currently have.

-  The cats even got in on the fun. My cat enjoyed laying in the wrapping paper. My daughters cat really liked the crinkly paper filler, he kept grabbing it out of my hand and tucking it underneath himself.

Thank you for everything.
Chris =]

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Micki Sellers said...

Glad everything arrived! I have a travel mug with a built in tea strainer. I'm a bit tea obsessed lol