Monday, September 28, 2015

Zombierific .....

Debbie, you are a crafting genius, ans I am in awe of your talent !!!!
Thank you SO much for the most awesome Swap Package - I oohed ans aahed all the way through opening it !!!!

So for your viewing pleasure ...... no being jealous now girls :-p ...

Just look at her ..... is she not awesome !!! From the top of her tufty head, to the tip of her dainty little ribboned feet, and her stubby arm in between ? I absolutely love her :-) Her tutu is the perfect finishing touch .... it so appeals to the girly girl in me :-)

How genius is my little Jack Skellington clock ..... I literally shrieked when I unwrapped him !!!!

There was some more awesomeness too .... a cute little pumpkin platter (just perfect for a halloween cookie or two - I'm planning to make some this year), some spools of ribbon, and a packet of gummy candy corns, that sadly didn't make the photo shoot (yes, it's been an horrific 3 weeks, and I ate them all,....  Every - Last - One !!!!)
I love the little pull out card Debbie made me too ..... so stinkin cute <3 p="">
Debbie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for this awesome package :-) I'm so excited to plan my Zombie Patch this year ....... It's going to be SPOOKTACULAR !!!!!


Debbie said...

Kerry, I am so glad you like her! I had a hard time sending her off but I knew you would take care of her :0)

A Little Creation said...

The Jack clock is awesome!! I wouldn't of even thought about dressing my zombie in a tutu,that's great.
Chris =]