Monday, September 6, 2010

Let me introduce you.....

To Olivia the Octopus and her little purple octofriend (who my daughter is trying desperately to get her grubby, little paws on!!!)

This is the treasure I opened when my package arrived from Val.............. I was extremely spoilt!!!!

Together with the cute octopi, I got the most gorgeous, wooly pink flower brooch - it will look so pretty on a winter jacket. I also recieved a handpainted octopus box - this is my new treasure box - it's lovely. Some Mardi Gras beads (I was actually eyeing out my sisters collection while we were visiting her in the UK), some bath salts, the cutest whale hairclip, a new bookmark, and a lovely ceramic plackard that has found a home in our guest bathroom.

Thank you so much Val for spoiling me - you really brought a smile to my day:-)


Sherry said...

Great package! Love Olivia the Octopus!


nattyj said...

Wow, you really were spoilt! Very cute Olivia!

val said...

you are most welcome sweetie!