Wednesday, October 2, 2013

blown away!

Okay, so I came home from work.  It was my second "not great" day in a row.  I was tired and really just wanted to walk in and take a nap.  


Until I spied a BOX ON MY DOORSTEP!

So look what was inside....I lurve me some awesome wrappage:

So, I unwrapped the little red thingie first because it was so lumpy.....couldn't imagine what would be inside.

EEK!  I love it!  a severed monther finger for my Halloween tree.  Seriously ghoulish!

Then I unwrapped the flat thingie in the great pumpkin fabric.  (which went directly into my fabric stash!)

JackPot!  The cutest little voodoo doll EVER.  So I had to put him in my pumpkin patch.  He's stylin' some glittered up pins too and just too cute to put in my sewing room right now.  

So, I was thinking to myself, "Time to open that bag 'o' candy".....but NO WAY!  Guess what was inside the big bag?

Little Miss Zombie Muffet...and she is sitting on her tuffet!  Too cute.  Into the patch she went...see the creepy spider, coming up beside her?  See that cute yet slightly off kilter smile on her face?  Yea, she's gonna eat him.

Thank you Stacie for an extraordinary swap package.  You totally rocked it!    (Oh and....this gave me an idea for next year's swap...MINIS!)


Kerry said...

Awesome, Awesome package :-)
So glad you were spoiled ..... nobody deserves it more.
That pumpkin patch of yours is growing nicely :-)
Big hugs, and hope tomorrow is a better day at work :-)

jillytacy said...

That's a great package! I love your little pumpkin patch.

A Little Creation said...

Chris =]

Melinda c said...

she is thrilled you love it!!!!

Little Messy Missy said...

Very awesome package!!!