Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pleased To Meet You Mr White Rabbit !!!!

He's finished ...... in time for Halloween !!! Thankfully he wasn't late for this very important date !!!!
I'm very delighted with the way he turned out ..... all blood spattered and (almost) toothless.

Thanks Val for offering up this challenge ..... it's really nice to have one of my own creations :-)
I think I may spend a little time tomorrow doing some Halloween decorating.


jillytacy said...

Oh, Kerry!! He's amazing!!!!! I LOVE him! I'm so glad you made him for yourself. All this paper clay crafting is inspiring.

val said...


Melinda c said...

I love him too...I have to laugh though.....(ok I have a dirty mind) but it makes me laugh how the stick pokes out in a strategic place.

Kerry said...

Melinda, you make me laugh ..... My daughter looked at the post, and asked me why I had placed him like the for the picture !!!

Little Messy Missy said...

I really have to try paper clay!!!! I LOVE him!!!xoxox